But they hit the Ted part of it a lot harder.). In both cases the wives who were dying spoke with their husbands, and also to a specific close family friend, to "give their blessing" if they wanted to try and start up a relationship with each other. What separates it from other shows -- in addition to how innovative it is and how much it shakes up the format -- is that the cast seemed to genuinely get along, and the whole gang was really believable as a group of friends who would actually hang out. Not that I can’t believe Barney could get to that point someday, but that was another moment that didn’t ring true for me. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. But, life goes on. The most interesting part, in my opinion, is the part of the collection dedicated to modern art of the 19th and 20th century. That's how I would've ended it. I'm not sure why Barney having a kid would make him any less the misogynistic jackass he always has been. It was ok to kill the mother, but there was no time to react to it emotionally. He found the yellow umbrella when he needed it the most — when it was raining heavily the day after st Patrick’s day. But the French blue horn isn't. I both like that the ending is a "twist" ending but still remains largely consistent and is not. The only thing that changes is that he decides that imposing dirty, dirty sex on women who make him think about his daughter is bad (but definitely the woman's fault). I think that was me. The last couple years did a really good job of putting paid to Ted and Robin, and then Miloti was fantastic, but they pissed both of those away because they couldn't be bothered to film another set of lines for the kids eight years ago. Blame Jason Segel for the whole last season debacle, he was the one who got too big to be on TV anymore and demanded a giant contract to the point that they had to shoot all his scenes separately, forcing the terrible "entire season takes place over 3 days" construct. Five days in the country, I met someone who turned my life around. None of those things would have bothered me if it hadn't all seemed in service of the ending of Ted and Robin together. Heart-broken from the break up with my very first long-term boyfriend, I found myself with a gap of an entire month between the end of the school year and the dates typed on my tickets to Amsterdam and Frankfurt. I'd only seen an episode here and there before last night, but my kids always seem to be watching it on Netflix when I'm working in the kitchen so I had a very vague idea of what was going on. I first went through a rather gloomy moment: two very important people hurt me so much I still do not know if I will ever be able to see them as the important people they used to be. Okay, so I didn't want to editorialize in the post, but in putting it together I realized that I already posted my opinion on this ending in the post last year ("threads" link): The finale really seemed to ignore the character development of the last few seasons.


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