Music is an integral part of life for many people, and a celebration of life is the perfect event in which to showcase the meaningful music of your loved one's life. Copyright 2020 | All Rights Reserved |, Real People To Help You - Call Us Today! Memorial Service Ideas Funeral/Memorial Tributes Memorial Poems How to Write an Obituary Funeral Prayers How to Select a Celebration of Life Booklet Template Design, Website by 3by400, a north Georgia web design team using Joomla. Create a theme for the celebration. See our article on Memorial Slideshow Videos for more information. Not every biographical detail needs to be highlighted; rather you're trying to capture their essence by telling revealing anecdotes or stories. Distribute memorial tree seedlings. Your budget is also a factor on the size of the service as well as the personality and lifestyle of your loved one. It normally occurs a few days after the person passes or up to several weeks later. Since celebrations of life are commonly held after the individual's physical remains have been cared for through burial or cremation; there is much more time available to plan the event. If your loved one was religious, you may opt to have their pastor or church minister perform these tasks. These are just some of the possibilities when planning and hosting a Celebration of Life service. Use these ideas as a starting point to plan the perfect service to suit your unique needs. Mementos:  Photo albums, video slideshow, scrapbooks and personal items of your loved one are usually displayed on memory tables and display boards. A Celebration of Life service can be small, close and intimate shared with only close friends and family, or it can be of a larger scope with extended family, business colleagues and the like. So, think about exactly who will be there, and what they're likely to want or need. Memory Table: Display photos, scrapbooks and personal items about your loved one. It's not surprising funerals have been around for a very long time. The celebration of life service will need someone to … A Christian funeral service is not complete without a few readings from scripture. During or after the service, guests can release sky lanterns to honor your loved one. This could be focused on their favorite sports team or their love for hunting for instance. 5. Music can be played throughout the entire service, intermittently or only at the beginning called the procession and at the end called the recessional. To live is to change, to acquire the words of a story, and that is the only celebration we mortals really know.” We think this reflection is at the heart of a celebration of life. However, many families today hire a non-denominational celebrant to oversee the celebration of life. A celebration of life is held after the burial or cremation of the deceased. As you explore ideas for a service, consider what the deceased would enjoy, but also what the attendees will enjoy and what will meet their emotional and spiritual needs. A Celebration of Life service gives friends and family the opportunity to honor their loved one who has passed, although it is an approach that is less traditional and more personal. Either way, you'll want to select those people who have shared a close relationship with the deceased and have something meaningful to contribute. Sit down with other family members, at least once, but maybe even more than once; to explore the celebration of life ideas which arise from answering these questions: While celebrations of life are not burdened by social expectations—they can be pretty much anything you want them to be—it's important to realize that the event you're planning should meet the emotional needs of the guests. This question involves thinking about what your loved one liked most about their life and gives everyone a remarkable space to share memories, laugh, and even cry together. It's entirely up to you; we've even seen "pot luck" celebrations of life where guests actually sign up to bring select foods and beverages. Composed of three activities, the visitation, the funeral service, and the committal service, performed at the graveside; this funeral is the one we'd easily recognize from contemporary literature and film. Celebration of life services are all about celebrating an individual, and that means paying tribute to the kind of person they were. Celebrations of life are just that: a time people come together more to celebrate the unique personality and achievements of the deceased than to merely witness or mark the change in their social status. Yet they achieve those things in very different ways. Nowadays, more and more traditional funerals are being replaced by a Celebration of Life service. Who will orchestrate or conduct the event? We have a complete guide for you Be sure to keep the event in check with what your loved one would have wanted. What better way to celebrate the life of your loved one then concluding it with a fireworks display. A celebration of life is a bit like a party with a purpose—and that purpose is to remember a loved one in a personal, festive or fun way. The last thing you want to do is put together a celebration of life that the deceased would not have liked. The possibilities are endless when it comes to planning a celebration of life service. Speakers: These presented including the officiant can talk about your loved one’s life, hobbies, family, work etc. Typically a Celebration of Life service includes: A Celebration of Life Brochure: From simple to extravagant, you should hand these out to guests at the service as a lifelong keepsake. Mementos: Scrapbooks, photo albums, video slideshow and personal items of the one who died are typically presented on memory tables and display boards. Memorial services are also known as celebration of life services, or just celebration services. A celebration of life service is typically held in lieu of a memorial service after the deceased individual's burial or cremation although it is becoming more common to host this type of gathering in place of a traditional funeral. The committal service ends when the casketed remains are lowered into the ground, and final prayers are said. Many families have heard about the concept of a celebration of life service and are looking for ideas on planning a unique service for their loved one. Afterwards, these notecards are put into a special memory bag or box and kept for future generations to read and enjoy. Consider making copies of the slideshow to hand out to callers as a keepsake. A celebration of life is a great option if you want to go for lighthearted…rather than heartbreaking. A religious officiant can preside over the service, which typically lasts for about an hour to 90 minutes, or host it yourself. Include childhood photos, as well as those showing your loved one at his or her best. The event may happen immediately after a loved one’s death or burial. Others choose to use a memory table of photographs and other memorabilia instead. What you serve may depend on the theme of your celebration of life, or may be based on your loved one's favorite dishes. Some celebration of life services are also held at the beach or other favorite place of the one who died. You can include anything you want in a Celebration of Life service, although if your loved one had specific instructions before they passed, their instructions should be respected. Video Slideshow:  A video slideshow can be an emotional part of the Celebration of Life service. There are no set guidelines or rules to follow when planning a celebration of life service, although it typically is what you and your family are most comfortable with presenting. Display a photo memory board, a memorial table or a memorial DVD of images of your loved one doing what they enjoyed most. The Visitation: Held prior to the funeral, often the night before but sometimes on the same day, the visitation (or viewing) is a time when people come to support the family and, more importantly, pay their respects to the deceased. Thank guests for coming with a memorial tree seedling that they can plant in honor of the deceased. This often involves stepping up to the casket to view the body; either in the company of a member of the surviving family or on your own. Some alternatives that have the same sentiment as a balloon release are to toss wildflower seeds into a field, blow bubbles or light luminaries. See Our Packages for more details. Refreshments: Depending on the location of the service, guests can enjoy light refreshments or a catered meal. If you need a quality funeral program, look no further, we are here to give you exactly what you need. Officiant for the Celebration of Life Service. Callers may also gather at a nearby restaurant after the service. Rather than a somber and grieving service, attendees talk, laugh, enjoy some lively music and remember the good times they had with the deceased. These paper lanterns can be purchased on the internet, and are reasonably priced. This type of informal memorial service can be a refreshing change to the typical stuffy and somber funeral service. The number of guests define the where, when, and how of your celebration of life. When to Hold a Celebration of Life. A balloon release is often a feature of a celebration of life ceremony, and a beautiful gesture. Then, bring in those unique lifestyle and personality characteristics of the deceased; perhaps add live music or refreshments, and you've got the beginnings of a remarkable celebration of life. Many times family members or friends will be very direct about their desire to make a short presentation at the celebration of life; other times you need to come out and ask folks if they would be willing to publicly share their thoughts and feelings. What food or beverages should be served? You can add new names to the list as you go along. Here's where your imagination is tempered by any scheduling or travel-related issues facing those who will be invited. While it can be a challenge to put together an event that both pays tribute to and celebrates the life and spirit of a complex individual; it's also one of the most rewarding things any one of us can do for someone we've loved and lost. Choose from our wide selection of funeral program and memorial card templates.


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