The issue was, Shay didn't have the proceeds to fund the insemination, which meant she had to come up with Plan B. Thankfully, Shay regains consciousness and is on the road to a full recovery. Since he was essentially homeless, Kidd offers to let him stay at her place until he gets back on his feet. It seemed a little childish when she wouldn't let him explain himself either. She could have asked for help; she could have moved far away from him. Here are a couple of examples of some of the show's cringiest moments. (There will never been another set of partners like Dawson and Lauren German’s Shay, who died on the job.) Dawson caught Jones cheating during a writte… Now there will be someone new coming in again, as Annie Ilonzeh’s exit all but confirms that her character, Emily Foster, is going to medical school. However, it wasn't exactly smooth sailing as Brett and Antonio were shown to be awkward and squirmy around one another. While Shay recovers from a head injury sustained in the ambulance crash, Severide asks Dawson for her help in dealing with his own injury.

Why would protesters target a firehouse and not the alderman or mayor's office? A lot of fans also believed the episode where 51 was taken over by protesters was pretty cringey, particularly because of how random it was. Despite this, the guilt of what transpired still weighs heavily on Cruz. At one point, she even used the words "mounted." There have been several great and memorable romances on the show. As fans know, 51 was locked down after some peaceful protesters chained themselves to the trucks in an attempt to get their community firehouse reopened.

Don't forget the cringey and random community video they made at the end.

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As fans remember, Shay's Plan B created one of the most awkward and uncomfortable situations ever. Most fans will agree there have been certain scenes that haven't felt right with them. Casey visits his mom in jail. She seems to be alive but unresponsive.

Over the first two seasons, Shay and Dawson have been called out on some iconic and weird cases. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. She has attained an Undergraduate degree in Creative Writing and is also the creator of the film and television blog 'The Critics' Corner'. Forced into close quarters, the two share an awkward, intimate moment. While fans hoped that Casey would have had the courtesy to tell her first, they couldn't help but cringe when Casey's rival, Welch, told her. For many people, TV shows are escapism. Already, fans were wincing in embarrassment for the man as they see the leather has cut him.

Boden was going to leave the protesters be until things escalated when they took over the common areas.

As fans remember, Severide gave up his room at Casey's apartment to allow Gabby and Louie to move back in. Their relationship is considerably strained, which doesn't come as a surprise when we learn that she killed his father. Overthinking the offer, Severide panics and tells Stella that he "isn't good with monogamy." Quick on his feet, Mills impresses Dawson by injecting a protein bar with a sedative and throwing it out the door for the dog to eat. One could easily feel the tension and awkwardness after this. However, if they had to choose the absolute worst, it would have to be Zoya and Cruz.

When going through the motions, many people grow attached to the characters and the storylines that unfold. But, as always, we expect one or two twists along the way. It's not surprising that Otis was embarrassed. Out of everything wrong in Chicago Fire, fans agree that Casey 'friend-zoning' Dawson was the most awkward to watch. Even Cruz told him he could have handled it better.

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God Has Spoken is the eleventh episode of the first season and the 11th overall episode of Chicago Fire. Severide storms out, on edge, and is pulled aside by Dawson. (Her application status had been up in the air at the end of Season 8.). But while in the throes of love, Renee regrettably admits that she's leaving for a job in Madrid in a week. He makes a plea for her to come home at her bedside, but Shay still maintains that staying with Dawson in the meantime is her best course of action. Occasionally, when the strain became too much, the pair would take a break and reevaluate their situation. Although Severide and Kidd have one of the strongest relationships on the show, it wasn't always the case. Elsewhere, Herrmann finds a business deal hard to stomach. It’s been one step forward, two steps back for Brett and Casey for a couple of years. In the wake of gang leader Flaco's death in the apartment fire, Cruz's brother Leon is completely thrilled by the news. Will we meet the newest member of 51 in the premiere, or might we see some floaters (perhaps some familiar faces?)

However, there is one word the writers hate their work being described as, and that is "cringey. Back in Season 2, viewers saw that Cruz was quite smitten by Otis' cousin, Zoya. Fans were disappointed that he allowed his grudge to affect his judgment. Sometimes it's done intentionally but there are also times where it comes across as lazy. Casey's mom is up for parole soon, and she makes a plea to Casey to go easy on her at the testimony and to ask his sister to do the same. Fans didn't like this episode because the situation was unrealistic and unbelievable. Right after th… Chicago Fire: 10 Of The Most Heartbreaking Scenes, Ranked, Gilmore Girls: 5 Times Logan Was A "Nice Guy" (& 5 Times He Was Actually A Good Person), Stranger Things: 10 Most Disturbing Scenes From Season 3, The Office: 10 Things About Erin Hannon That Make No Sense, How I Met Your Mother: Every Season Finale, Ranked According To IMDb. When they share the news with Shay, she agrees to move back in with Severide so they can help each other through their recoveries. Outside forces have tried (and failed) to split up the firehouse. But she killed him, and in her eyes that's inexcusable. In Season 2, she was accepted to the Chicago Fire Academy, where she initially failed her physical agility test by several seconds after spraining her ankle.

Rocked by the events of Shay's hospitalization, Severide comes to terms with the state of his shoulder and comes to Dawson with his issue. This all occurred in the episode "Tonight's The Night," when several residents are forced to seek solace at the station after their homes are left without any power. Mills goes in for the kiss, and Dawson is all for it, as they get down to business on the floor! Despite the fact that they've only been on a few dates, Severide and his latest love interest Renee are both completely smitten. While viewers felt a wave of sympathy after seeing Jimmy's injuries, many believe he brought it upon himself. In this episode, there was a little bit of both as Shay and Dawson responded to a call that saw a man stuck in a leather harness after a sexual encounter went wrong. The scene became even more awkward and creepy when the male participant decided to take this as an opportunity to sniff Gabby's hair. Chicago Fire may have ended its eighth season earlier than expected, but the 20 episodes we did get gave us plenty to speculate about while we wait for the NBC drama to return.

In Season 1, viewers saw Shay and Severide contemplate having a child together after the paramedic asked him to be her donor. ', Copyright © 2020 NTVB Media, Inc., All Rights Reserved, The 8 Most Devastating One Chicago Deaths, Ranked, Worth Watching: The CMA Awards, Back to 'Chicago,' 'S.W.A.T.'

GOATs? He lovingly grabs Cruz's face, telling him that together, they'll take this secret to the grave. Casey is caught in the middle of a family conflict between his mother and sister. The two have already grown so close, and Renee asks Severide if he'd consider visiting. Though she left again, the door is open for another episode, and we’re always up to see Dawson, no matter what the circumstances. The Big Bang Theory: 10 Of The Saddest Things About Sheldon Cooper, Chicago Fire: The 10 Most Cringeworthy Scenes (So Far), Chicago Fire: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Cast, Shay and Severide contemplate having a child together, Chicago Fire: 10 Best Episodes (According To IMDb), Dawson and Casey, Severide and Kidd, Mouch and Trudy, and Herrmann and Cindy, Cruz was quite smitten by Otis' cousin, Zoya, Shay and Dawson have been called out on some iconic and weird cases. Will the slow burn romance between paramedic Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) and firefighter Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) finally heat up? Emergency squads arrive on the scene and rush her off to the hospital, a very worried Dawson in tow.


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