It is essential to store the fired chicken properly after cooking. Let us develop your signature flavor profile.

It appears that the chicken was coated too vigorously.

Consistency is very important in the restaurant business.

We use our extensive knowledge to work with you in creating a flavor profile of your choice and produce a custom blend at a cost savings of up to 30%! This situation, like many others, could happen if the meat is not prepared correctly, starting with the marinate, then the coating and frying.The super crunchy Holly Powder chicken breading is a very easy-to-use product!

Holly Powder – Fried Chicken Batter Mix.

Idan Foods specializes in custom product development for seasonings, batters / breadings, starch coatings & more. The choice can’t be based solely on flavor and price.

Chicken breading/coating mix – 1pack. If you are using a heating display, make sure that the drain grate is correctly installed. Would you like to save up to 30% on your custom breading costs? Not only can you order a small quantity of the product to test it, but the shipping cost is also on us! In this situation, the oil temperature drops rapidly, and the chicken boils instead of getting fried crispy. Otherwise, the chicken might come out soggy, instead of being perfectly crunchy and flaky. or is it only about the flavor? It isn’t a knock on the breading itself; it simply got a little burnt. The first one is oil being too old and overused. Notice that comparing the price between products isn’t always reliable.

This is where the question arises- which breading to go with? Firmly established as the leading independent producer of breading, marinades and powdered peri-peri sauces, along with many other commodities used within the Fast Food Industry, our products are recognised worldwide as simply being “as good as it gets”.

The breading must be pressed into the meat according to our CPT (collect, press, toss) method. You only need one kind of breading mix, and that is the only thing to get. Now it is time to inform your customers about the dishes. In the event the breading is falling off the meat, there must have been a mistake in one or more of the preparation steps. With fried chicken breading being our specialty, Wynn’s also offers a variety of specialty breading that complement other proteins and vegetables. REMEMBER! You might be wondering about the taste? Should you have additional questions on the type of oil to be used for the chicken to look just as in our photos (coated with super crispy breading), contact us- we will help you choose the right oil. We are a manufacturer and distributor of high quality chicken and fish breading as well as custom blends, specialty blends and more!

The marinade soaks into the meat fully and the chicken has a delicious and consistent flavor. The meat must be coated twice. The answer is quite simple.

Marinating is a very important step. Skipping that might cause it to be fried incorrectly. The larger number of chicken requires a pressure fryer. The speed and simplicity of making crunchy fried chicken pieces are key for a restaurant. For elements with bones, the water within helps aids the frying. Fried Chicken made with Holly Powder products not only has the most appetizing, crunchy breading, but it also is juicy and flavorful. Do not coat too many pieces of meat right away and avoid putting too many pieces in a fryer at once. Pay attention to the amount of water that is used for the marinade. No need for additional ingredients like eggs, salt, or pepper. We understood that the taste would come out lightly spicy, which would grow with consumption, but also wane away after taking a bite of something else or sipping a drink.

Are you looking for professional pictures, posters, buckets and boxes to serve dishes with fried chicken? Call or write us today! If the coating gets pressed too hard against the meat it may be incorrectly fried and bubble up. You don’t have to worry about which breading mix to go with.

How to avoid them?

Every chicken strip or a nugget should weigh around 25-30 g. The wings should be about 50g. It is a different kind of chicken coating that makes it possible for restaurateurs to make fried chicken dishes easily. Now you know how to eliminate any mistake that you might make when working with the Holly Powder chicken breading. Remember that in case of any problems, you can always refer to our website, instructional videos, or our manuals to marinate and coat your perfect chicken.

Bonding agents get into breading mix, creating lumps that need to be discarded after the breading. It is possible for the chicken to come out a bit light when fried in fresh oil (first batch) or when the oil used is not up to standards (the correct oil should be a mix of palm, canola, and around 20% sunflower). The marinade and the breading mix are ready to use right out of the bag. Today we can proudly say that most people love it.

Everything is great, fresh, and crunchy.

Our marinades are formulated to add fabulous flavour and texture to chicken and other meats. When you cut, tear or bite into the chicken, you will see that the breading sticks to the meat and the crunch is pronounced with each bite. For over 65 years, our family recipes have been handed down from generation to generation to create amazing coating systems. We also provide constant support and professional solutions to all concerns and issues that you may have along the way. They make the portion seem larger and much more appetizing. If the chicken breading looks the way it should on the outside but is red on the inside, something must have gone wrong. This makes the breading bitter, and the meat dry.

`There are two reasons for that. We offer an extensive range of high-quality breading, to meet customer demand. The chicken got too warm during transport, the marinating, or the coating (this happens when the chicken temperature goes over 4°C). It is crucial not only for the right, appetizing look of the fried chicken but for the taste as well. Would you be able to prepare a similar chicken breading yourself? All you need to do is follow a few simple instructions, and you will avoid the following problems.


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