Your new supplier will generally always send you a new router which you should connect when your contract begins with the new company. Compare the cheapest & fastest packages available in your area with our Postcode Checker. You don't need to put up with high prices when your broadband deal comes to an end. Broadband bundles often include a phone service, so maybe you’re paying a few pounds a month extra for evening and weekend calls that you don’t really need. Otherwise, you might end up out of pocket. Before starting any broadband switching process, check your current contract and make sure you've completed the minimum term. However, you might have to factor in more time if you’re switching to a provider that uses different infrastructure, like Virgin Media or Hyperoptic. At present, we have an impressive 95% coverage; however, by 2020, the Government is hoping to reach 98% full coverage. You don’t need to put up with an overpriced, slow internet connection. For lots of people these days, making calls on the home phone is a thing of the past so cutting that add-on from your bill could save you even more. get, so by giving us your postcode we show you only the deals that are available where you live. To learn more about cookies and their benefits, please read our Cookie policy, Using this website means you consent to their use but you can change your cookie settings at any time by following this link. We can't fix your router BUT we will find you a great deal! Otherwise, you might end up out of pocket. In a lot of cases, the process of switching providers is seamless and they can do all the legwork for you, including cancelling your current broadband contract. However, the switch might take longer for people who are moving between providers operating on two different networks, for instance, if you’re moving from Virgin Media cable broadband to fibre-optic broadband or vice versa. Fibre optic will generally hold and slightly exceed this figure the large majority of the time, whereas it is very rare that cable will reach the ‘up to’ figure stated. All rights reserved. Gone are the days of complicated codes and processes to switch over your connection, with most suppliers you don’t even need to contact anyone when you pick your chosen tariff. Enter your address in our beta-stage broadband network checker to see exactly what speeds and packages are available in your home. Need the best broadband for working remotely? Switching broadband provider before the end of your contract usually means having to pay a cancellation fee to the provider you are leaving. The other reason you may need to contact your old provider is if you want to cancel satellite TV, as it's delivered separately from broadband. It might sound a little complicated, but fibre optic broadband uses fibre optic cables to carry data and signals, rather than regular coaxial cables, which, although are faster than copper, which was used previously, is still much much slower than fibre optic. This all depends on who you have your broadband with. In contrast, you may have services on your subscription that you no longer need, such as paid TV or landline calls. Broadband without a phone line. There are more benefits to searching for a new broadband deal beyond a cheaper price. If you change your mind while the switch is being processed, you're still free to cancel without any penalty. And remember, you always have a 14-calendar-day ‘cooling off’ period, during which you can cancel your request to switch broadband provider – without being charged. Technically, in some cases, you do not need to switch router when you switch your provider; however, most routers that have been handed down by a supplier will be hard coded to their network. You will need to give your broadband provider the relevant notice - as stated in your contract - in order to ensure you can switch without any penalties. 86% of these connections are currently provided by BT Openreach. When it comes to fast download speeds, you should always go with fibre optic.


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