Daddy-month will only apply to those children who are born on or after 1 July 2020, regardless of the child’s estimated due date. The main aim of the changes is to promote an even distribution of childcare between parents and to build greater flexibility into the system to help parents balance work and family life. The application may also be submitted electronically through the State portal. | Parental benefit The Parental Benefit Act took effect on 1 January 2004. For a citizen For the transfer of parental benefit, the parent who wishes to receive the benefits has to submit an application and the parent currently receiving the benefits must give their agreement. "With these amendments, we will introduce more flexibility and options to combine work and family life into the parental benefits system and will also promote the more equal distribution of the burden of care between parents," Minister for Social Protection Kaia Iva said in a press release. The resulting figure is the amount of the parental benefit. Parental benefits or child care allowance can be paid during the parental leave in accordance with the Family Benefits Act. The certificate for maternity leave is issued by the doctor with whom the woman is registered. or. You can then use the portal as before. Child care leave can be taken for: The mother or father of a disabled child has the right to take one additional working day of child care leave per month until the child turns 18. The possibility of combining part-time work with parental leave and increasing the ceiling for permitted employment-related income during parental benefit, should have a positive effect on gender equality in Estonia. In that case Estonian National Social Insurance Board will reduce your parental benefit according to formula: Parental benefit - [(gross income - 1774.05 euros) / 2] = reduced parental benefit. → The right to receive parental benefit starts on the day following the final day of the leave certificate that provides the basis for the pregnancy and maternity or adoption leave, and the benefit is awarded for 435 days from the date when entitlement to the benefit arose. Is on the parental leave or does not earn income as a self-employed person. A parent can work or earn income during the period in which they receive the parental benefit. h�b```f``j``e`p|��π �@V� _�10� The state is working on improving the system of parental leaves and benefits to facilitate the combination of work and family life and more equal distribution of the care-load between the parents. Only registered users can comment this article! If the child is at least 70 days old, parents are free to decide which of them will stay with the child and receive parental benefit. If you are in the middle of entering data and wish to continue, then you have to, Terms of use terms and conditions of the state portal, Pension, allowances and benefits I am being paid, Changing my bank account with the Social Insurance Board, Applications I have submitted to the Social Insurance Board, self service portal of Social Insurance Board, log in to portal in another browser window. The three most important changes from the first phase of the reform are as follows: If the father is employed, this benefit will be accompanied by a 30-day period of paternity leave (up from the current ten days). If you know your gross wage will be higher than EUR 1774.05, please send an e‑mail ( stating the amount of your gross wage. Once designated, the limits on the parental benefit do not change when the calendar year changes. If you choose to have children, you may have the right to: Any parent, adoptive parent, step-parent, guardian or foster parent who is raising a child and who is a permanent resident of Estonia or a foreigner living in Estonia on the basis of a temporary residence permit has the right to the parental benefit. Each year, the mother or father of a child has the right to take child care leave, compensated based on minimum wage. Estonian parents have access to seven different kinds of child-related leave and six kinds of benefits or allowances funded either from the state budget or via the Health Insurance Fund. Further changes to the Estonian parental leave and benefits system will be introduced in 2020, including a “daddy-month” and the option for employees to flex the payment of parental benefit. During the payment of parental benefits, it will be possible for a parent to earn an income of up to half of the maximum rate of parental benefits, which in 2018 is estimated to be €1,544 per calendar month, without a decrease in benefits. If a mother has the right to pregnancy and maternity leave or to receive maternity benefits, but does not exercise it, then the benefit is calculated separately for the first 70 days, and is paid within a single calendar month and at a rate not higher than the minimum wage for the first 70 days. If you did not find from the table "I have a question", who can answer your question, contact our team. 94 0 obj <> endobj We will use your email address to send you our newsletters. Parents can use parental benefit, including the fathers’ additional benefit over three years. By entering this site you accept the Terms of use terms and conditions of the state portal Helpdesk working hours Mon-Thu 8:30-17:00, Fri 8:30-16:00, answering time is 7 working days. Fathers have the right to receive a total of ten working days of paternal leave within two months before the presumed birth term determined by the physician or midwife and two months after childbirth. If a new child is born within 2.5 years from the previous child and the amount of the parental benefit calculated for that child is smaller than that for the previous child, the benefit is determined on the basis of previous income. This site is managed by the Directorate-General for Employment, social affairs and inclusion, Follow the European Commission on social media, Delivering on the European Pillar of Social Rights, Bodies promoting equal treatment and supporting workers in the European Union and their family members, Accidents at work and occupational diseases, Member States wishing to be notified of all posting situations on their territory, Digitalisation in social security coordination. The maternity benefit (sünnitushüvitis) is paid starting from the first day of exemption from work or service obligations specified on the certificate for incapacity for work and at a rate of 100% of the average income per calendar day. Only one parent in a family may be on parental leave at any one time. Application for parental benefit, family allowances and additional contributions to the pension system. Parental benefits or child care allowance can be paid during the parental leave in accordance with the Family Benefits Act. More information adoption benefits and the calculation of the benefits is, Majandus- ja Kommunikatsiooniministeerium, Patient’s portal and health information system, Working environment and employment relationships, Unemployment and health insurance benefits, Unemployment insurance and health insurance, Services provided by the local government, Gender equality and gender-based violence, Maternity benefits on the website of the Health Insurance Fund, Adoption benefits on the website of the Health Insurance Fund, available on the website of the Health Insurance Fund. to the total 435-day benefit period. Information is available via telephone number 16106 (in Estonia) or +372 612 1360 between the hours of 9:00-17:00 on all working days and the general phone numbers of the Estonian National Social Insurance Board's offices (please see If she goes on pregnancy and maternity leave later, those days are deducted from the 140 calendar days. The Health Insurance Fund receives data on the payment of social tax from the Tax and Customs Board. Main page The payment of parental benefits can be stopped and resumed according to the parent's wishes at any time until the child reaches three years of age. To apply for parental benefit you must contact the National Social Insurance Board and lodge an application. Starting from 2022, Maternity and Parental leave will be merged into a single Parental leave and there will be a single parental benefit with non-transferable parts for the mother, for the father, and a shared part. The parental benefit is calculated on the basis of the income subject to social tax earned over the calendar year preceding the beginning of the pregnancy (9 months). → As an exception, if the amount of the parental benefit is the minimum wage rate and on 1 January the minimum wage established by the Government of the Republic of Estonia rises, the parental benefit is paid at the new minimum wage rate. A mother or father raising an up to 14-year old child or an up to 18-year old disabled child has the right to receive up to ten working days of unpaid child care leave per calendar year. endstream endobj startxref The bill will allow for fathers to remain on paternal leave for 30 days instead of the current ten, as well as choose between taking paternity leave either at the same time as the mother's leave or separately. The parental benefit is calculated on the basis of the income subject to social tax earned over the calendar year preceding the beginning of the pregnancy (9 months).


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