While overwhelmed by the return of his own heart, the Red Queen tells him to look at her. From the door, Robin Hood steps out and frees Will. Loudly, Will comments that Hook is trying to be on good terms with the son so it'll be easier with the mother, to which an annoyed Hook warns Will to keep his opinion to himself. ("Heart of the Matter"), Desperate to revive Anastasia from death, Knave agrees to fetch Jafar's stolen serpent staff from Alice and Cyrus so the laws of magic can be broken. Though they run, Knave splits up from Alice with the promise to meet her at Tugley Woods. Knave apologizes, stating he is very fond of her, but love is no longer possible for him. GALLERY. Will curiously inquiries if Robin is together with Regina again, but the latter dodges the question. At some point before or after this, Will meets Robin Hood's love, Marian. Latest appearance: Finally, Knave offers a sincere apology and asks her not to hinder Alice's quest due to his terrible deeds, to which Silvermist allows them to go.

Silvermist agrees to help them over the river, but drops Knave after he makes an indecent comment towards her.

Home: Gender: When Emma recognizes Will, he promptly takes off.

The next day, at the knighting ceremony for Sir Henry, everyone is shocked when Regina, who's wished herself into this realm in order to rescue Emma, shows up and plays the part of the Evil Queen, kidnapping Queen Snow and King David in an attempt to get Emma to act like a hero and thus remind her that she is in fact the savior. ("Fall"), Under the curse, Will begins pickpocketing from a man on the streets when he spots Hook walk by. Knave breaks into an asylum to haul Alice back to Wonderland in order to rescue Cyrus. Sibling(s):

Once Upon a Time TV Series Finale: Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin & More to Return to ABC Drama. Seemingly, Knave reluctantly accepts that there is no saving his lover. Granny is present at the first meeting in the mayoral office with Snow as the new mayor of Storybrooke. During Robin's wedding ceremony to Zelena, he is present as his best man. It is revealed that Regina Mills told her to.

Will eyes his attacker, and then tells Emma that he doesn't recall. Knave suspects she is faking it and only wants to catch him while he's leaving as a reason for capital punishment.

They land in the Mallow Marsh.

However, David is convinced that Ruby did not kill him, and it is eventually discovered that Albert Spencer did it to turn the town against Ruby, and furthermore David. Mr. Gold intimidates him into fetching Belle's heart, which Regina stole and Maleficent is currently guarding. The White Rabbit admits he hasn't actually seen Cyrus and the Dormouse actually said the genie is alive and at the Mad Hatter's abandoned house. Granny used to be a werewolf, although her age has cancelled it out, but she still has some enhanced senses.She is portrayed by Beverley Elliott.

Knave sees the knot hanging over the kitchen table as an image of a happily married man and woman interact. With urgent news, Hook then requests a private chat with Belle.

While Emma, Snow, David, Gold and Regina go to Neverland to save Henry, Granny returns to usual business at the Diner.

Wonderland castleMerry Men's Storybrooke camp[1] (formerly)His home (formerly)Red wagon (formerly)His cottage (formerly)Oz (formerly) On Jafar's command, the Jabberwocky mentally breaks down the Red Queen by taunting her about having lost her mother's love as well as Knave's. As Knave is chasing the suspect, he is caught at sword-point. He is also based on the Knave of Hearts from the story … Annoyed, she swings the sword at him as Cyrus' necklace drops to the floor, and refuses to go anywhere as vines and branches flourish to trap her in place. She belittles Knave for coming back to Wonderland and thinks whatever Alice, dubbing her his "girlfriend", offered him must have been worth the risk.

("Operation Mongoose Part 1"), After Isaac creates an alternate reality for everyone in the Heroes and Villains book, Will becomes one of Robin Hood's associates. She is portrayed by Beverley Elliott. Will eventually trusts her enough to open up about Anastasia, and Elizabeth secretly falls in love with him. Will agrees, saying that by finding someone to love for his whole life, even by giving up everything for it, is worth the trouble.

Alive ("The Snow Queen"), After Robin asks for his help with figuring out the origin of a storybook recording everyone's lives from the Enchanted Forest, Will explains his life under the first curse when time stood still, but he believes there is magic in the tower as the clock within it began moving once the curse started weakening. During a blackout, he breaks into a shop, Any Given Sundae, and notices the ice cream within the store is still solid despite that the town has been without electricity for hours. That night, as Belle is fixing a window display in the pawnshop, Mr. Gold secretly watches her from across the street. ("Heart of Stone"), The night prior to royal wedding ceremony, he hops into the castle from the balcony to get answers from Anastasia for her previous actions.

As he turns to walk away, she slips into the river below the cliff. ("Wish You Were Here").

While the Jabberwocky brings Cyrus into the castle as a "prisoner" and distracts Jafar, Alice and Knave sneak in through the underground tunnel. She becomes a werewolf, but it wears off in her old age. Of course, she doesn't in fact wish for anything, for she believes everything to be perfect. "Homecoming[2]" Knave almost confesses something relating to when Alice helped him get his heart back, which she ignores. ("Heroes and Villains"), Six weeks after Ingrid's defeat and Mr. Gold's banishment from town, Will grabs two coffee orders from the diner before leaving. Emma then questions him about the book and illustration page she found on him. ("Heart of the Matter"), Soon after, Will begins working in service to the Queen of Hearts as the Knave of Hearts. ("Poor Unfortunate Soul"), After Belle leaves to babysit Neal, Will remains in the pawnshop just as Mr. Gold approaches him. Knave pushes her to strike up conversation with her dream guy, but she balks until admitting the man she loves is him.


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