Each carbon atom is single bonded to a hydrogen atom. Its scent resembles freshly cut grass, like cis-3-hexenal. Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: 2-Hexanone, 591-78-6. It is potentially useful as a natural extract that prevents fruit spoilage. Hexanal is a saturated fatty aldehyde that is hexane in which one of the terminal methyl group has been mono-oxygenated to form the corresponding aldehyde. Now, let's look at the molecular geometrical shape of hexane. Structure And Formula Of Hexane The molecular formula for hexane is C6H14.

2,3,5-trimethylhexane is an alkane that is hexane substituted by a methyl group at positions 2,3 and 5. It has a role as a human urinary metabolite. It is a saturated fatty aldehyde, a n-alkanal and a medium-chain fatty aldehyde. The term hexanes refers to a mixture, composed largely of hexane, with varying … Hexane is a straight-chain alkane with six carbon atoms and has the molecular formula C6H14. It has a role as a human metabolite. It occurs naturally, and contributes to a hay-like "off-note" flavor in green peas.

It is an alkane and a volatile organic compound. It is widely used as a cheap, relatively safe, largely unreactive, and easily evaporated non-polar solvent. Hexane is a significant constituent of gasoline. It has a role as a human metabolite.

It is a colorless liquid, odorless when pure, and with boiling points approximately 69 °C. Hexanal, also called hexanaldehyde or caproaldehyde is an alkyl aldehyde used in the flavor industry to produce fruity flavors.


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