But you should press tofu for atleast an hour, longer wont hurt. Wait 15-20 min and pour off the water collected in the tofu strainer. Let sit for 30 minutes. I’m going to show you easy they are to use and exactly how I do it. Remove objects, towel, and use the tofu in your favorite recipes. Follow these 3 simple steps to start your Tofu Revolution. So naturally, I decided that it was time for The Ultimate Guide to Pressing Tofu!!!!! The veggie and vegan go-to is rich in plant protein, low in calories, and very versatile. I scoured the Internet to find everybody’s favorite way to press tofu. Perks: convenient for preparing large quantities of tofu in advance: frozen tofu keeps for several months. Take your tofu out of the packaging and discard any excess liquid for the package. Pressing tofu helps achieve a good sear . Add content to this section using the sidebar. When it thaws, it leaves these nice pockets that formed with the water froze. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

Assemble the tofu press and place the tofu block inside, between the two perforated plates. Whichever press you’re using, it’s very  simple! This is a question I hear a lot. Weigh down the top plate with several heavy books, a cooking pot filled with water, or whatever tickles your fancy. Equipment: 1) a tofu press OR 2) A rimmed plate, lint free kitchen towel, heavy skillet or pot, something heavy to weigh it down such as cans, Keywords: hot to press tofu, tofu press, delicious tofu, Tag @Foodwithfeeling on Instagram and hashtag it #Foodwithfeeling, Your email address will not be published. Recently a reader asked me how to properly press tofu and why to even bother in the first place. You want to get at least 1/4 cup of liquid out of the block of tofu but sometimes it can be upwards of 1/2 cup of excess liquid. ★☆ To get the same quality as with a tofu press, overnight pressing is needed. Every few minutes, I tighten it a little bit more.

Amiright!? How long does it take to press tofu with a tofu press: typically WITH a press it takes about 15 minutes (although you could press it longer if desired). When using a tofu press, I like to place the press directly into my clean sink so that the excess liquid can drain right into the sink. Perks: it can challenge your creativity and turn into some good laughs with friends. The fastest and most efficient way to press tofu is with the TofuBud tofu press. It can also get messy. Yes! You’ll be enjoying delicious tofu in NO TIME! I tighten them down so that the tofu is a bit of pressure but not too much. How to press tofu three different ways. No, you do NOT need to press tofu before freezing. Pressing tofu is the secret to a tofu we’re tous fous about. Place a cast iron skillet, dutch oven, or equally large and heavy object on top of the tofu and make sure it’s balanced evenly (or else you tofu will press uneven). Tighten a little more (being careful that it’s not too tight or else the tofu might crack) and let press for 5 additional minutes. I resisted buying one for the longest time but now that I’ve had one for the past 2 years, I love it so much! Place the tofu inside of the press and use the screws (this will be a little different on each press) to tighten down the plates and press the tofu between them. Moral of the story, just press your tofu! Unless you think it’s hard to disassemble 6 basic parts and toss them in the dishwasher, you lazy amateur! Every few minutes, I tighten it a little bit more. Please read my disclosure policy. Wrap the block of tofu in a lint free towel (or you can use paper towels for this) and place it in the middle of a rimmed plate or baking sheet. I came up with the following 5 DIY methods to press tofu: Method #1 Whole Pressed: A whole block of tofu is pressed between paper towels/kitchen towels/kitchen rolls with heavy books to apply pressure to squeeze out water.

Wait at least 2-3 h, but preferably overnight. A block of tofu comes packaged in water. How to Press Tofu (with & without a tofu press!). However, if you still haven’t got one, or have some free hours to a day to kill, feel free to try one of the two popular methods described below. On top of the skillet, place several heavy objects to aid the press (see video for reference). Is a tofu press worth it? In case you’re wondering why you would freeze tofu, I’ll briefly explain: when you freeze tofu, large ice crystals form in the tofu from the excess liquid freezing. Just because the tofu has a firmer consistency, that does not mean that it’s not holding an excess of liquid inside. Good luck fitting a book tower in the fridge!

Tighten the press down (the way to do this varies based on the kind you use) and let it sit for about 10 minutes.

BUT, I totally get that a lot of people don’t have or want an extra kitchen gadget laying around so I’m also going to show you the best way to press your tofu with simple items that you already have around the kitchen. You can do it it you desire, for whatever reason, but it is not something that is necessary. I bought a super simple one for about $20 off of amazon and it has been amazing. Like a saturated sponge, it can’t absorb any more liquid.

Step 5: Once the tofu has been pressed long enough, remove the skillet and weighted objects, unwrap the tofu, and use as desired. On top of that, they’re relatively inexpensive at just about $20 for a basic press. ★☆. Weigh the skillet down with a few heavy cans or other similarly weighted objects. Pressing tofu isn’t very difficult. Pressing tofu is the secret to a tofu we’re tous fous about.

It is not necessary to press tofu in the fridge. However, to get the most flavorful, crispy tofu, you should press it first. You can technically still cook and eat tofu that has not been pressed HOWEVER it will not absorb flavor as well and will definitely not have a very good texture. If you eat tofu regularly, then I definitely think so! For reference: I usually get about 1/2 cup of excess liquid out of a 15 ounce block of extra firm tofu. Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe ★☆ Very easy to love! Alternatively, opt for a solid amount of paper towels. Close the lid, and press down the knob until hearing a click once for level 1 pressure, or twice for level 2. You should always press your firm AND extra firm tofu. Your email address will not be published. This section doesn’t currently include any content. Defrost and cook! Setbacks: none! THIS is the press that I have and I love it.

We love TofuBud for how user friendly it is. (I get WAY too excited by these types of things). If prepared the right way, that is. I get this question quite often: How do I press tofu and do I REALLY need to do it!? If you’re wondering how to press tofu quickly, your best bet is a tofu press. Other firm tofus arent as dense, so I press them longer. This involves no pressing at all.

Let’s talk firm and extra firm. How long to press the tofu will depend on its water content and how dense it is. Hopefully you know by now that I have a DEEP love for tofu recipes! ★☆ Step 2: Wrap the tofu in a lint free towel (you can also wrap it in a few layers of paper towels) and place it on a rimmed plate or baking sheet. Step 1: Remove the tofu from the packaging and drain off any excess water Step 2: Place the block into the inner tub, the green container with perforated holes Step 3: Replace the lid, pull the elastic bands down around the hooks and push the handles down to impart a continuous pressure on the tofu. Overall, I end up pressing mine for about 15-20 minutes while I’m prepping the rest of the ingredients for my recipe. I’m going to break it ALL down for you in this post so at the end, you’ll be a tofu pressing master and realize how important it is for delicious tasting tofu. You should end up with roughly 1/3-1/2 cup of excess liquid from your 15 ounce block of tofu. Besides, if you want pressed tofu drained to the last drop, TofuBud can be trusted to get the job done. Once I realized that my tofu obsession wasn’t going to let up at all, I finally invested in a tofu press. Tofu has long made its way from traditional Asian cooking, to an entire art form in contemporary fusion cuisine. Put your block of tofu between two flat plates or boards. Pressing tofu is necessary to extract any excess water. Choose your ritual wisely.

If you know how to press tofu, you can remove excess moisture before cooking begins. (I have lots of delicious recipes linked below for using pressed tofu!!).

Pressing tofu is a must to make space for other flavours, and to improve texture. Those pockets greatly change the texture of the tofu and leave it much chewier and closer to the texture of chicken. Trader Joe’s extra firm tofu is very firm, so I dont need to press it for more than an hour. ★☆ Once ready to use, simply thaw the tofu and use as regular. Place a thick tea towel underneath the bottom one.

This post may contain affiliate links. There's a lot of choice in the world of tofu presses.

Place the tofu into the press so that it is even. Voila, that’s it! The good news? How long does it take to press tofu without a tofu press: I find that it takes about 30 minutes using the skillet method in order to squeeze out enough liquid from the tofu. Press Tofu to Enjoy in a Number of Dishes . To press tofu, start by draining the excess water out of the packaging and then patting the tofu dry with a paper towel. Setbacks: Time. Level 2 is for draining firm and extra firm tofu dry. IN FACT, you can freeze tofu by placing the entire, un-opened package into the freezer. Whatever you do, enjoy it! You don’t even need any special tools. I typcially get nearly 1/2 cup of excess liquid out of my extra firm tofu. The KEY to delicious and crispy tofu is pressing it! This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Add description and links to your promotion, Add your deal, information or promotional text. How To Press Your Tofu. We eat tofu about once a week in our house and the tofu press has become essential for us. Next, place something heavy on the wrapped tofu, like a book or a pot, and let it sit and drain for a few hours. I tighten them down so that the tofu is a bit of pressure but not too much. 5 different ways to press tofu.

Use right away or store pressed tofu in a zip lock bag for 2-3 days in the fridge. There is the DIY tofu pressing method and there are store-bought tofu presses.


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