In the cold, it is at its peak and can be a great wear. Now, this may not sound appealing for some folks but it quickly settles on my skin into something that is warm and smooth, and a scent that I find very appealing. Learn More About The Bespoke Unit Fragrance Formula (BUFF).

We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. One, the bottle I have projects good and lasts a long time. Now, while I'm writing this review, I sprayed Ultra male in my left hand and I think it smells like a teenager guy, is not for a mature man... A woman can use it, the pear note gives this fragrance a "female nuance". Update: with further wear, once I got a full bottle, this does project itself a lot more than you can tell. Parfumo is the place for all fragrance enthusiasts.Discover new perfumes for women and men, organize your collection, connect with others and much more! I am in Thailand, its 32C in the day/27C at night and if I had to keep only 1 cologne this would be it. Pear note is makes this fragrance very unique.

I loved the original, but just couldn't get on with this one. Ultra Male is a super fresh and sweet kind of scent that is going to be a nice addition to any night life fragrance collection.
JPG has turned this into a smooth, addicting blend that I have increasingly enjoyed the more that I wear it. Perfume lovers: 581599 Free US ship on orders over $59. Such a unique scent that I plan on wearing on nice sunny spring days. The very first time I tried it, I immediately scrubbed it off. Smells thick, sugary, ambery, peary, and kind of minty to my nose. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Ultra en stock sur The opening smells intensely of pear drops to an almost diabetic level. I don't get the hype. Online right now: 1515, Fragrantica in your language: Don't buy this anymore. For starters, this does NOT smell like One Million, and anyone who says so is making a lazy comparison because they're both sweet. Inspired by the recent vogue for fruity gourmand male fragrances, Ultra Male shares certain characteristics with other contemporaries such as Viktor & Rolf’s Spice Bomb. as some people here complain about the "extreme sweetness", I find this exaggerated and can't confirm it.Yes, it is slightly reminiscent of Monster Energy and although sweet, it is more of a pleasant sexy sweetness, which also brings compliments, and is perfect for the evening/club If you have concerns this fragrance is too "loud", or even in the "summer not wearable", I may point out that you can always only 2 sprayers instead of 50 :D.Durability and Sillage are both good for a designer fragrance in its price segment. I only have a sample and I’m not sure if I would buy a bottle or not. Of bringing the street to the catwalk and the catwalk back to the street.

I’m not sure that I’d try to make this a daily wear. This is another great entry from Jean Paul Gaultier. Oh well it was only a small bottle and the price was good. Dominant notes are pear, cinnamon, and vanilla. At this point the vanilla is more noticeable, the amber also becomes prominent adding its rich, sweet, honey-like with a hint of cherry accord; finally, the cedar adds a soft woody tone.

I sold one bottle, and yesterday I bought a 2015 April bottle. It’s quite strong and almost mouthwatering. Even if you're not fond of the scent as a guy yourself, it still will get ladies' attention. Masterpiece !!!! 24% off Limited time deal. offers JPG Ultra Male in various sizes, all at discount prices. An impressive addition to Jean-Paul Gaultier Le Male range, Ultra Male is a seductive and energetic blast of fruity and oriental notes. Either way, love my Ultra Hubba Bubba. I blind bought this fragrance, It's an amazing scent if you like sweet and loud fragrances. However, it’s much cheaper at $80 on FragranceX.

I don't see using it anywhere else other then when out their partying. Younger men find this a very gratifying fragrance to wear while women are often captivated by it. I remember the smell of a 2015 bottle, that's why I bought this one. We have even featured it among the best men’s fragrances of all time. The drydown did not impress me; the amber was very pronounced, cloying almost, and the nauseating sweetness from the opening was still present. Bought a 125ml bottle of October 2019, but this one sucks. Its a 10/10 in my books. Couture. Finally, in terms of value for money, Ultra Male is by no means a cheap fragrance. Easily a very sexy, sensual-type of frag, just super yummy! it's masculine as well as youthful. The remaning scent is a slight sweetness with a slight cirtusy (maybe I’m wrong). But the dry down on my skin is a nice smooth sweet masculine musk. I don't have a sweet tooth in perfumes but this one has a mesmerizing effect on me. On a young man it may be ok, but it´s not for me. Starts very yummy and vanilla like with strong mint and pear for extra sweetness. I actually 100% despise the original Le Male.

You could wear this as a daytime scent, as it isn’t too loud (with light sprays), but I love it for nights out and party-type atmospheres. Finally, the base itself uses the vanilla as a transitional note for an enduring grand final with a long, drawn-out finish. I feel very good when i'm wearing this amazing vanillaXcinnamon BOMB. Way too sweet... and it's not even that sweetness that a high quality scent usually has, like Dior Homme Intense for example. I had compliments from it and i enjoyed it quite a bit. It's two big thumbs up from me. This would be well suited for a young clean shaven Playboy.It's almost too sweet and loud for any occasion other than partying and clubbing. The uses for this can be limited, outside of that. dark oud based mixed with perfume oils. However, instead of being made from a light blue smoked glass, it’s much darker with black stripes. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Ultra 125 ml Eau de Toilette pour homme eau de toilette ️ Parfums 100 % authentiques à des prix imbattables. Some guys don’t like the sweets and if that’s you, pass on this cologne. Not bad if you like baby powder. The opening can give you diabetes, I swear to God. 5 with If you don't have a sweet tooth already I promise you that you will after smelling this one. Free on orders over £30, £2 if you spend less. White Cologne Review, 5 Best Smelling Antonio Banderas Colognes, Bergamotto di Calabria by Acqua di Parma Cologne Review, L’Homme Parfum Intense by Yves Saint Laurent Review, Index of all of our Fragrance Reviews for Men and Women. What a wonderful but strange combo. 9 oferte, de la 181,40 RON. 3-4 max on this fragrance, atleast to me. I mean i got so many many compliments with this! Inspired by the 1995 classic, Ultra Male carries the namesake two decades on.

These tins have actually become quite popular themselves as desk items for storing pens or money! Silage and longevity are above average which is important to me. Otherwise, I find this to be a fun wear, and prefer it to the original Le Male…it just strikes me as better on the whole. et ne ratez rien de l'actualité Jean Paul Gaultier,,

It’s all about the dry down that makes this a more masculine scent. Buy It Now.
Enjoyed the review? As a big fan of the original le Male I was very excited about this flanker! For sweet notes lovers, it a good one. Light – subtle and suitable for everyday wear Moderate - a noticeable but not overpowering signature scent Strong - ideal for those who want to make a bold, confident statement, Approximately how long the scent remains detectable when worn. I found a 4.2 bottle at a local store. Ultra Male pays homage to its predecessor by sporting the same iconic bottle design. We like it too but we prefer to practice restraint in our application. Gaultier's staff finally seem to have been paying attention to the target market of 30 and under consumers with the release of Ultra. Cost livrare: 7 RON. Sweet fruit galore with this one and it doesnt stop there, it continues to dry down to a vanilla and woodsy scent while sticking to the top notes, similar to the regular Le Male. I wear this perfume even at home and i also feel so comfortable and satisfied when ever i smell my tshirt. Usually, Ultra Male comes in a metal tin can style case with a cool and recognisable design. This is soooo sexy and relaxing smell, with a good price, love it. I am still not the biggest fan of the opening of this fragrance but after about 20 minutes it tones down and becomes quite nice. Glad I only got a 5 ml decant. The opening, especially on a tester, does smell like candy and hairspray, and I see why people call it feminine. I bought this perfume to complement my bottle of "Classique" but I had to put it in the drawer because the bulge in front is so large and distracting! A very astute recognition by Jean Paul Gaultier's top brass of the widespread influence of Paco Rabanne's 1 Million on the 35 and under market. Not from LeMale or any of the other perfumes that came out. they did a damn good job with this one. I wouldn't wear it formally, obviously.


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