“When you are growing outwards, your public realm is a different conversation—you’re in a car based society and you’re driving from subdivision to the local Walmart,” Tanenbaum says. It’s impossible to discuss Yorkville without discussing the role art and its storytellers have played.

Then, having described it, he lived it, spiraling into madness.

Two years later, after hundreds of different formulations/recipes [from] the country’s best mixologists and flavour scientists, we have an exceptional Margarita that is 100% certified organic and will be launched nationally in the US in October 2017.”. It’s the wave of the future where technological innovation and the Internet of Things work in harmony to create a digital platform syncing our city’s assets. “What we did by doing that is restructure the way museums are built, so that [MOCA] doesn’t have this huge burden of capital cost, but they have long-term security and tenure.

The beef and marrow pie is stuffed with beef cheeks, cipollini onions, and mushrooms. Like the city around it, each of their buildings shifts in countless ways as a reflection of its inhabitants, part of an exciting cultural tapestry that’s comfortable and challenging, relaxed and engaging, free and welcoming.

Leading luminary in preventative lifestyle techniques, Deepak Chopra has been working closely with Delos from early on in the development of the WELL Standard.

At dinner a platter of rabbit feeds two and comes with triangles of pan-seared “flaky bread” for swiping through a rich stew of curried chickpeas. Still, Ken Tanenbaum, Vice Chairman of Kilmer Group, says it’s time to put down the proverbial yardstick and stop looking outward for validation. It’s a fully automated lifestyle. Around the world—from San Francisco to Shanghai—cities are striving to be “smarter,” using a broad range of technology and data to solve the increasing challenges that come with the accelerating urban density.

Every design and technology decision is made with future residents’ lifestyle and convenience in mind. Amenities will include first-class food and beverage on an expansive pool deck with a signature lazy river, modern fitness facilities, a jam room, performance space, and abundant co-working space. There’s vitality when the cushioned house style is applied to the jagged edges of contemporary dining. At this point, there are over 100 million square feet in the registered and certified pipeline for the WELL Building Standard around the world. A post shared by Marsha Niles (@marshibabe) on Apr 2, 2016 at 2:50pm PDT. “It’s difficult to do multi-temperature products, which have to be at different temperatures for food safety and quality, and it’s expensive to execute this well. The former Dominick’s still boasts a spacious covered patio, the banquettes now outfitted in bold black-and-white stripes. These are the things that food lovers all around Toronto are already anticipating with the opening of Eataly’s first foray into Canada in 2019.

“Gone are the days of the newspaper flyer,” says Longo. Here it achieves smoky richness—you can thank the Neuske’s bacon for that—without any floury glop.

Evan Funke is a pasta purist who can slip Italian lessons into any meal.

Growing up in the Miami neighbourhood of Coconut Grove, Shear knows the city intimately and has personally observed the positive changes and growth happening recently. In his remarks, Mayor Tory was clear: “If we want to have modern, effective government, we need to have a big push on Smart City developments,” he said. Beautiful people scoop grilled avocado from beneath shaved slices of ricotta salata.

“People want to live and work and play in the same neighbourhood.” And that is what will continue; alongside artfully designed residential condominiums and townhouses, several high-profile tech and media companies will share the space with MOCA. The quality of life is superb, the social fabric is strong. Hunker down at a table on the patio to devour burnished pig’s tails with butter lettuce and fish sauce, or belly up to the raw bar for a dozen oysters with sambal cocktail sauce. Cocoa nibs add the perfect crunch to pillowy rabbit meatballs with English peas. “We are trying to create space that can be enjoyed and is accessible by everyone. Josh Loeb and Zoe Nathan have remade the old Marix Mexican restaurant into an irresistibly fun beach spot. Order the granita-like “Crank’d” for dessert and watch as the ice and frozen fruit are ground by hand. And yes, the old Mad Men ideal of the three-Martini lunch was still in effect (though seen as rather old-fashioned). Pinto bean burritos with garlic brown butter are offered alongside chicken milanese crowned with cucumber curls.

Zak Walters and Chris Phelps continue their locavore-meets-carnivore ways at their Hollywood digs. He saw that infusing these two sectors represented a profound economic opportunity, coupled with the potential for tremendous societal impact. What were the restaurant names, and which neighbourhoods were they in?

First Capital’s Yorkville story began with the acquisition of Hazelton Lanes mall in 2011. Finish with a Straus Greek yogurt panna cotta topped with yuzu granita, puffed rice, and rubylike pomegranate seeds. The Old Man Bar in back puts out superb cocktails, but Maxwell Leer’s wine program—which plunks peanuts in chenin blanc and mixes whites with soda pop—tests boundaries in a way that will amaze as much as it befuddles.

“Not everybody wants to live in a high-rise, just like not everybody wants to live in a detached house in the suburbs. Certainly there was a lot of money flowing through restaurants. has earned our respect with its attentive service and chef-owner Michael Voltaggio’s dedication to originality.

An eggplant slice dipped in egg wash and carefully fried ensures that this parmigiana showcases stewed San Marzano tomatoes instead of oil. It’s an unequivocal endorsement from one of the city’s most dedicated champions—a sign that Toronto is ready to take off the training wheels and take our place on the world stage.

You put your heavy industrial stuff right off the main road, so that’s what people see.” If you were to come in from the 407, you’d experience a much more scenic route through the countryside, and “all of a sudden you’re in this nice community. A post shared by D E A N A S A U K A M (@faimfatale) on Jun 15, 2017 at 12:19pm PDT.

A post shared by B.S.

Wine appreciation was growing dramatically with places like Prego and Centro building exciting new lists. He parries the cured intensity of prosciutto with peaches and pairs browned garlic with Fresno chiles in the spaghetti alla chitarra. Miami’s biggest—or more accurately, tallest—move is yet to come. Pastas are, of course, a highlight here: Whole-wheat bigoli—tubular strands from northern Italy’s Veneto region—tap into an earthy realm. I also love Pandemonium (2920 Dundas St. West); all the music we play here is from records I buy there.


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