While the Cossack squat requires extra mobility to get deeper into the range of motion, the lateral lunge only requires you to squat to 90-degree knee bend.

Little shifts in form can make it incredibly difficult to execute the movement. There are several pros to the Cossack squat: • It can be used for multiple purposes. Increasing lateral stability, abduction and adduction abilities (joint actions), and resistance to rotational and shearing forces is key for injury reliance and enhanced performance. • It’s a unilateral exercise. The cossack squat can be used as a warm-up for other squat variations or simply to improve one’s natural flexibility, in addition to its main purpose, which is to build strength. Lateral lunges step the leg ‘out’ and ‘in’ between reps. Cossack squats are both a warm-up and strength-movement. Check out my article on Pistol Squats vs Shrimp Squats. In an earlier article, I discussed the benefits and reasoning behind performing Cossack squats in a training regimen, with the primary purposes of: Note: The side lunge and lateral lunge are interchangeable terms. • Not the best option for lifters with knee injuries. #LateralLunges #Step #FreeWeights #Push #Squats #Lift #StrongCore, A post shared by Claudia Zamora (@claud_strikeforce) on May 15, 2017 at 7:46am PDT. For the purpose of mobility, movement integrity, and structural balance, the Cossack squat (not to say the side lunge isn’t as well) is the clear winner. #cossacksquat #squat #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #pranaontribe #pranaon #crossfit #squattherapy @crossfit6221 #instafit #mobility #stretch #guardiansofthegalaxy #anklemobility, A post shared by Sam Grudgings (@coachsam__) on May 14, 2017 at 8:57pm PDT. • You step too wide. The lateral lunge can help you gain strength, while the cossack squat can help you gain mobility!

I’m Avi Silverberg and this is the place where my friends and I nerd out about powerlifting technique. As humans, the ability to move and promote force output as a 360 degree athlete is key for optimal health and sports performance. • Using it as a way to improve flexibility. In addition, you won’t be able to use as much weight with the Cossack squat, as typically just using your own body weight is enough resistance. The lateral lunge, also called the “side lunge”, is a  single-leg variation, which focuses on building lower body strength and mass.

While there are many single-leg squat exercises, the Cossack squat is one of the more challenging variations. The lateral lunge is typically only used to build hypertrophy and strength, not as a warm-up or to improve flexibility. However, there are some differences between the angle of your torso throughout each movement. I would try each exercise to see if you have a preference for either exercise, and then decide what your training goals are before opting for one over the other. • There may be other exercises that can get you to your goals quicker. The side lunge is a movement that can be done with various angles and ranges to: [Add these unilateral lunge movements to your mass gaining and injury prevention arsenal!].

This is to place greater emphasis on the leg that you’re lunging into, as well as to produce a greater range of motion.

If you wanted to gain greater hip and ankle flexibility you can perform 30-60-seconds static holds in the bottom of the Cossack squat.

Targets: Quads, hamstrings, inner-thigh, glutes, hip abductors. The lateral lunge is not as hard as the Cossack squat because the range of motion is less, so it doesn’t require as much mobility and flexibility.

• Take a wider than shoulder-width stance, • Flare your toes slightly (around 15-30 degrees), • Start shifting your weight over to one leg and bend the knee, • The opposite leg should stay as straight as possible, • Cue your torso to remain upright as you sit your hips downward, • As your hips drop below parallel, begin to lift the toes on the leg that is straight, • The toes that are lifting should be pointing upward toward the ceiling, • Go as far down as your mobility/flexibility allows, • Push strongly through the floor to stand up, • Switch sides and go back and forth to complete the prescribed number of reps. So what’s the difference between the Cossack squat vs lateral lunge? By “hanging out” in the bottom position, your muscles will begin to relax. Join the BarBend Newsletter for workouts, diets, breaking news and more. Due to the high flexibility and mobility demands, most people will feel uncomfortable attempting this exercise unless they have superior range of motion. As such, the side lunge will allow you to build greater levels of max strength by utilizing heavier loads with dumbbells. • Start with your feet shoulder-width apart with your toes pointing forward, • Lunge one leg out to the side so that the stance now becomes twice shoulder-width apart, • The foot on the leg that is lunging should still be pointing forward, • Shift your weight to the bent leg while at the same time pushing your hips back (this is the hip-hinge), • As you lower your body the opposite leg is kept straight and the foot remains flat on the floor, • The knee of the bent leg should be pointing over the foot (not out to the side), • Your torso can be slightly bent over as long as the back is flat, • Lower until your leading leg is bent at around 90-degrees and then push up and return to the starting position. Always prioritize proper mechanics during the Cossack squat before lifting more weight. You want to maintain constant tension on your muscles throughout the full range of motion. Before describing the differences, the two most obvious similarities are that both the Cossack squat and lateral lunge involve lateral training (moving the leg sideways), and both are uni-lateral (single leg) movements.

However, the Cossack squat is a more advanced variation given its additional mobility/flexibility demands. • Are you someone that needs to build lateral strength because of your sport demands?

• You’re not sitting back and hinging enough. by Rebecca Mcabee | Jul 29, 2020 | Workout Videos. • There is a steep learning curve. If you’re using a heavy weight it’s easy to move away from the optimal technique.

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While you want to step the foot laterally, if you step too far to the side you will have a difficult time bringing your feet back together in between reps. The Cossack squat and side lunge can be used interchangeably.

In other words as low as possible given your natural mobility and flexibility. Cossack squats keep a wide stance throughout the exercise. The ability to transition the body side to side, having internal/external rotation, flexion/extension, and rotational movements occur around the joints and tissues is key for expressing control and stability in athletic movements. Targets: Inner thighs, outer thighs, glutes, hamstrings, quads. • Do you have adequate hip and hamstring flexibility? • It doesn’t require as much mobility. If you struggle with hip, hamstring, or calf flexibility then you can perform the Cossack squat as a static stretch to improve range of motion. • The tempo should not be too fast. When it comes to building movement specific strength, control, and muscular hypertrophy, both movements can provide benefits to a lifter. • Have you already mastered the hip-hinge through movements like the Romanian deadlift?• Do you want to build lower body strength and mass? This is an important range of motion to train, especially for athletes that need to build strength in a 360-degree fashion around the body (football, hockey, soccer, etc.). The Cossack squat and side lunge are very similar to one another, stressing both control, mobility, and strength of the lower body and core.


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