White lies, according to Kant’s duty based ethics, are not acceptable even if the truth could cause more harm. They welded throughout the night and quit at … PEO. Telling the truth would align with the equality distribution, as described by utilitarianism, because everyone would be treated equally with the same knowledge. ngineers should be truthful with their work and should let decision-makers such as their management decide when and, if necessary, to keep information confidential. LeMessurier was the structural engineer behind the uniquely designed Citicorp Centre Tower, which at its completion in 1977 carried the title of seventh tallest building in the world. They had 2500 Red Cross volunteers on standby, and three different weather services employed 24/7 to keep an eye on potential windstorms. LeMessurier had a duty to publicize the problem with the building. This NSPE conclusion also has a utilitarianism bias.

Canada: Nelson Education, 2009, [3] PEO. LeMessurier explained that there was a church on the northwest corner of the site that they had to build around.

This landmark skyscraper was the world’s 9th tallest upon completion, employing several structural innovations: four mid-side trussed columns at the base support the tower, which cantilevers over the city block below; loads are directed to the main columns by 15-story super braces; the world’s first tuned mass damper controls building motion under wind loads. This makes LeMessurier’s actions unethical according to the utilitarianism theory.

Ella possessed wind speeds that could have reasonably reached the Citicorp Centre’s structural limit though the Citicorp team and LeMessurier refused to release a public statement outlining the potential risks to the public. The Citigroup Center (formerly Citicorp Center and also known by its address, 601 Lexington Avenue) is an office skyscraper in New York City, located at 53rd Street between Lexington and Third Avenues in midtown Manhattan. In 1999 the BER had opened the subject to all NSPE members and the results were published in NSPE’s Engineering Times largely echoed the BER’s conclusion (Eugene, 2002). 98-9: Duty to Report Unsafe Conditions/Client Request for Secrecy." Thus, the Citicorp’s building had columns in the center of its sides instead of the corner so the corners cantilevered over the church. On the other hand the mass dampener was not designed to operate for such a purpose and the technology had not undergone adequate experimentation to validate its usefulness as a measure against ultimate failure. While the braces helped to redistribute the weight, they would also make the building too light for its height , thus it would sway during extreme weather conditions accompanied by high winds . The New Yorker, May 29, 1995 P. 45. LeMessurier began by saying, "I have a real problem for you, sir."


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