वरळी – आदित्य ठाकरे 6500 मतांची आघाडी On Monday 21st October 2019 in Maharashtra state Assembly elections was carried out. Party Assembly segments Position in Assembly (as of 2014 election) Bharatiya Janata Party: उमेदवार – 3 हजार 237 भाजप – 164 For declaration of the result, counting of votes will be start from early from 8 am on 24th October 2019. Maharashtra Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Election News Updates, Live Online Results 2019, Live Results & Latest Updates 2019, Current Chief Ministers, Current Cabinet Ministers, Governors List … ASEAN core of our Act East policy: PM Modi at 17th virtual Summit, Initiate contempt proceedings against Kunal Kamra: Attorney General, In Atmanirbhar 3.0 stimulus package, FM showcases new employment scheme, Centre issues notice to Twitter for showing Leh as part of J&K, Heart flown to Delhi from Jaipur saves life of 45-year-old, Russia to consider India’s request for speedy delivery of S-400 air defence systems, ‘Mandate favored us, EC’s result in NDA’s favor’: Tejashwi Yadav on Bihar polls, Kajal Aggarwal is in the lap of luxury, share pics of underwater room, Anupria says a spiritual leader once ‘tried to take advantage of’ her, WATCH: Jon Rahm pulls off insane hole-in-one shot skimming across water, Aashram Chapter 2 review: A shockingly bad show thankfully comes to an end, Italian hospitals face breaking point in fall coronavirus surge, Bilateral issues should not be brought to deliberations at SCO: Russia, Nissan operating losses shrink as restructuring takes hold, Akshaya Patra aims to serve mid-day meals to 5 million children by 2025, ‘BJP uses everything to win elections’: Akhilesh Yadav alleges irregularities in Bihar polls.

The death of the Bollywood actor and the subsequent tug-of-war between Bihar police and Maharashtra police were assumed to have a significant role in the election. Result of the Assembly election may get declared on 24th October 2019. Draft Electoral Roll of Service Voters 2018, Information Linked to Polling Station Maps, Bye-Election to 287-Tasgaon-Kavathe Mahankal LAC, Dhule-cum-Nandurbar Local Authority Constituency 2020, Maharashtra Legislative Council by MLAs 2020, MLC from Yavatmal Local Authority Constituency 2020, Maharashtra Legislative Council by MLAs 2019, Maharashtra Legislative Council by MLAs 2018, Maharashtra Legislative Council by MLAs 2017, Maharashtra Legislative Council by MLAs 2015, Jalgaon Local Authorities Constituency 2014, Maharashtra Legislative Council by MLA 2013, State Legislative Council of Maharashtra by the Members 2013, MLC from Nashik Local Authority Constituency 2011, Maharashtra Legislative Council by MLA 2020, Aurangabad cum Jalna Local Authority Constituency 2019, Maharashtra Legislative Council by MLA 2018, MLC From 6 local authorites' Constituencies 2018, MLC From 6 local authorites' Constituencies 2016, Maharashtra Legislative Council by MLA 2016, MLC of Local Authorities Constituency 2016, MLC of Local Authorities Constituency 2015, Maharashtra Legislative Council by MLA 2014, Aurangabad cum Jalna Local Authority Constituency 2013, Maharashtra Legislative Council by MLA 2012, MLC from Thane Local Authority Constituency-2010, Maharashtra Legislative Council By MLA's May-June 2010, 11-Bhandara-Gondiya and 22-Palghar(ST) of PC, Report and Accounts statements of State Level Political Parties 2018-19, Report and Accounts statements of State Level Political Parties 2017-18, Report and Accounts statements of State Level Political Parties 2016-17, Report and Accounts statements of State Level Political Parties 2015-16, Report and Accounts statements of State Level Political Parties 2013-15, Bye-election to Maharashtra Legislative council by the MLA - 2020, Bye-election to Maharashtra Legislative council by the MLA - 2017, 13-Aurangabad Cum Jalna Local Authorities Constituency 2013, 11-Bhandara-Gondiya and 22 - Palghar(ST) of PC - 2018, Handbooks/Manuals/Model Check List on ECI. Your email address will not be published. Also Find constituency wise and party wise winning and leading candidates and parties of assembly poll MLA voting results. पाटील आघाडीवर, 42 हजार 114 मतांची विक्रमी आघाडी, अजित पवार 42 हजार मतांनी आघाडीवर, भाजपच्या गोपीचंद पडळकर यांना मोठी पिछाडी, नालासोपारा – बविआचे क्षितीज ठाकूर आघाडीवर, प्रदीप शर्मा पिछाडीवर, कणकवली – भाजप उमेदवार नितेश राणे 9 हजार 937 मतांनी आघाडीवर, शिवसेनेच्या सतीश सावंत यांना पिछाडी, *कोल्हापूरचा निकाल – कोण आघाडीवर*

Voter turnout was 68.16% in 2019 Lok Sabha elections whereas it was 65.79% in the 2015 assembly elections. After staring vote counting, first vote will be count for postal vote. कुर्ला – मंगेश कुडाळकर (शिवसेना), रोहित पवार तीन हजार मतांनी आघाडीवर, गिरीश महाजन 1500 मतांनी आघाडीवर, परळी – धनंजय मुंडे, कर्जत जामखेड – रोहित पवार, कोल्हापूर दक्षिण – ऋतुराज पाटील, कसबा – मुक्ता टिळक, कळवा-मुंब्रा- जितेंद्र आव्हाड, पलूस – विश्वजीत कदम, जालना – अर्जुन खोतकर, वांद्रे पूर्व (मुंबई)- पहिल्या फेरीअखेर शिवसेना उमेदवार विश्वनाथ महाडेश्वर 3050 मतांनी आघाडीवर, बंडखोर तृप्ती सावंत मागे, देशमुख बंधू आघाडीवर, अमित आणि धीरज देशमुख पुढे, परळीतून धनंजय मुंडे आघाडीवर, पंकजा मुंडेंना मागे टाकलं, नांदगावमधून राष्ट्रवादीचे पंकज भुजबळ आघाडीवर, कर्जत-जामखेडमधून रोहित पवार 3100 मतांनी आघाडीवरhttps://t.co/PXbmIaoSCq pic.twitter.com/zDQVQdYbCX, औरंगाबाद मध्य – शिवसेनेचे प्रदीप जैस्वाल आघाडीवर, सिल्लोड – शिवसेनेचे अब्दुल सत्तार आघाडीवर, गंगापूर – भाजपचे प्रशांत बंब आघाडीवरhttps://t.co/PXbmIaoSCq pic.twitter.com/mFK8bfKKJV, BREAKING – विधानसभा निकाल – आघाडी

राज्यात 4 कोटी 68 लाख 65 हजार 385 पुरुष, 4 कोटी 28 लाख 35 हजार 374 स्त्रिया आणि 2 हजार 637 तृतीयपंथी अशा एकूण 8 कोटी 97 लाख 3 हजार 396 मतदारांपैकी एकूण 5 कोटी 48 लाख 38 हजार 514 मतदारांनी मतदानाचा हक्क बजावला. Result of the Assembly election may get declared on 24th October 2019. Results of Bihar Assembly Elections 2020 for all 243 Vidhan Sabha seats are being declared today. All rights reserved.Designed and Developed by Veegam Software Pvt Ltd. कोरोना काळात अंगणवाडी सेविकांची मोलाची कामगिरी, राज्य सरकारकडून दोन हजार रुपये दिवाळी भेट, Bihar Election | जीतन राम मांझी यांची काँग्रेस आणि राजदला ऑफर, बिहारमधील राजकारण तापलं, PUBG Mobile Game भारतात परतणार; दक्षिण कोरियाई कंपनी पबजी कॉर्पोरेशनची घोषणा, Maharashtra Assembly Election Result Live : पवारांनी जाहीर केलेली उमेदवार भाजपच्या तिकीटावर विजयी. राज्यातील 288 मतदारसंघातील 3 हजार 237 उमेदवारांच्या भवितव्याचा फैसला हाती येणार आहे. The 2019 Indian general election in Maharashtra held in April 2019. स्ट्रॉंगरुमला केंद्रीय सशस्त्र पोलिस बल, राज्य राखीव पोलीस बल आणि स्थानिक पोलीस अशी त्रिस्तरीय सुरक्षा व्यवस्था पुरवण्यात आली आहे. Chennai, Leadtech will be able to get your party popularized among all the target audience. प्रत्येक टेबलला मतमोजणीसाठी उमेदवारांचे प्रतिनिधी उपस्थित राहू शकतात. मतदानाचा हक्क बजावलेल्यांमध्ये 2 कोटी 94 लाख 73 हजार 184 पुरुष, 2 कोटी 53 लाख 64 हजार 665 स्त्रिया आणि 666 तृतीयपंथींचा समावेश आहे. Jaipur, In 2015, BJP’s Niraj Kumar Singh had defeated RJD’s Jahur Alam by 9,292 votes by 9,292 votes. After the election, Bharatiya Janata Party and Shiv Sena formed a majority government, with Devendra Fadnavis (BJP) becoming Chief Minister. Maharashtra sends 48 members to the Lok Sabha and 19 members to the Rajya Sabha. Maharashtra Vidhan sabha Election Results 2019. The political advertisement services of Leadtech will be able to help you with this. इतर पक्ष – 892 Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Bhopal Bye-Election. The state of Maharashtra is gearing up to face the assembly elections for all its 288 constituencies on October 21, 2019. Assembly segments wise lead of Parties. कर्जत जामखेड – राम शिंदे General Election. मुंबई : राज्यासह देशाचे डोळे लागून राहिलेल्या महाराष्ट्र विधानसभा निवडणुकांचे निकाल (Maharashtra Assembly Election Result 2019) जाहीर होत आहेत. ALSO READ: Political Survey Company in India for preparation of Assembly Elections 2019, The political competition in Maharashtra is tight, and you should have a great campaigning process to stay ahead of the competition. सर्वसामान्यांना मतमोजणीची माहिती मिळावी यासाठी मतमोजणी केंद्राबाहेर ध्वनिक्षेपक लावण्यात आले आहेत. कळवा मुंब्रा – जितेंद्र आव्हाड (राष्ट्रवादी) Maharastra Assembly Election Result 2019 Party Wise, Maharastra Assembly Election Result 2019, Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha Election Result 2019, Maharastra Live Election Result, Maharastra Results Live party wise, Maharastra polls result winner list vote margin 2019. Maha Vidhan Sabha list 2019 available on coming Thursday. 14th assembly election winner list will available from 24-10-2019. बसप – 262 Copyright © HT Media Limited All rights reserved.

वडाळा – कालिदास कोळमकर (भाजप) बारामती – गोपीचंद पडळकर

, Chandigarh , Dehradun, Maharashtra Assembly Election Result Live : पवारांनी जाहीर केलेली उमेदवार भाजपच्या तिकीटावर विजयी वांद्रे पूर्व – विश्वनाथ महाडेश्वर (शिवसेना) महिला उमेदवार – 235

Leader of house – Devendra Fadnavis BJP. Explore Vidhan Sabha Constituency Wise and Party Wise Maharashtra historical election results for 2014, 2009 & earlier year elections. Pune is one of the 48 parliamentary constituencies of Maharashtra and is the district headquarters of Pune district. या निवडणुकीत 62.89 टक्के पुरुष, 59.21 टक्के स्त्रिया आणि 25.26 टक्के तृतीयपंथींनी मतदानाचा हक्क बजावला आहे.

Rajya Sabha; Vidhan Sabha; Vidhan Parishad; Candidate's Affidavits. सर्वात वेगवान निकाल पाहा लाईव्ह https://t.co/WlFNnChpPy #महाकेसरीकोण. आदित्य ठाकरे आघाडीवर ?वंचित – 1 13th Assembly election results (2014) – BJP+Allies (122+1), Shiv Sena (63), Congress (42), NCP (41), AIMIM (2). सोलापूर – प्रणिती शिंदे अपक्ष – 1400, उमेदवार Copyright © 2013 Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Maharashtra, All rights reserved. प्रत्येक टेबलला स्ट्रॉंग रुमपासून ईव्हीएम ने-आण करण्यासाठी वेगळे कर्मचारी नियुक्त करण्यात आले आहेत. दिंडोशी – सुनिल प्रभू (शिवसेना) Indore, (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Your email address will not be published. The 2019 Maharashtra Legislative Assembly election was held on 21 October 2019 to elect … कांदिवली – अतुल भातखळकर (भाजप) निलंगा – संभाजी पाटील – 3800 Loksabha 2019 On ECI; Loksabha 2019 On CEO; Loksabha 2014; Loksabha 2009; Loksabha 2004; Bye-Election.

Maharashtra Vidhansabha Election Results 2019, NEET Counselling 2020 प्रवेशनिश्चितीसाठी पुन्हा मुदतवाढ, Sundarlal Sawaji Bank Parbhani Bharti 2020, Industries, Energy & Labour Department Maharashtra Recruitment 2020, Melghat Tiger Reserve Amravati Bharti 2020.


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