as the trade is classified as a professional trade “Day care of children up to the age of three“ the content of the trade has been specified as educational care of entrusted children up to the age of three years in a daily or full-weekly system aimed at development of intellectual and oral skills, movement, working, musical, visual art skills and personal culture and hygienic habits, adequate to the child’s age. After the employee returns after maternal leave for which the employee is entitled to take maternity leave, the employer is required to employ the member of staff in his/her original position and place of work. Improved reconciling of professional and family roles requires, as a prerequisite, in particular existence of measures of a labour law focus and existence of financially and territorially accessible child care services (with particular relevance to children up to three years old of, pre-school and younger primary school age children). 5 lays down requirements for professional qualification for the performance of this activity that the entrepreneur is obliged to provide only through natural person having such professional qualification . Note! Such a situation seldom occurs in practice; nevertheless, it is worth mentioning. NetSuite ready for self-confident Czech and Slovak firms, Fight against tax ‘optimisation’ – country-by-country reports starting to look clearer in the Czech Republic, Overtime – when it applies and how it is paid. More information on assistance in material need can be found in the Material need section. 155/1995 on pension insurance). 3)Included to an extent under the category are kindergartens operated by "private" entities, i.e. Czech Republic: Employment & Labour Laws and Regulations 2020. An employer is prohibited to schedule pregnant women for any overtime work. Maternity leave in relation to childbirth shall never be shorter than 14 weeks, while in no event it may be terminated or interrupted before the elapsed six weeks from the birth date. 388/2011 Coll., which implements some provisions of the Act, as amended, regulates the provision of benefits for people with disabilities, which are used to help satisfy some of the specific requirements arising from the individuals’ unfavourable state of health. However the provision of (parental allowance) under the Act No.

they are entitled neither to any overtime work allowance nor days of rest and public holidays work allowance, nor to any other potential wage elements otherwise stipulated by the wage provisions. If the child was delivered stillborn a female employee shall be entitled to the maternity leave for the period of 14 weeks.

You can apply to get the difference also during the time you are getting your maternity benefits.


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