Also, during an alert phase and bossfights, the camo index will be 95%, allowing PMC soldiers to see Snake. It should be noted that Outer Haven is. Pretty Good.". Hand - Lie on the hand prints found in Act 2 while following in Naomi, after you cross the river. Snake will tell Rose about how he keeps having dreams about dying. Bizarrely, the English dub went with Patric Zimmerman (Ocelot) voicing Liquid Ocelot, despite that. The gun only carries one shot, and takes a significant amount of time to reload. Kill enough guys with a knife, and you unlock Altaïr's outfit from, Also, some bonus weapons in a second playthrough have either grenades that emit colored smoke that causes a victim to emit an emotion relating to the color of the smoke, or shoot the enemy with a special type of ammo that has them undergoing a certain emotion, depending on the ammo's color, when shot with it. Otacon: Yes! During Act 4 briefing, Naomi's necklace hangs on the leftmost monitor of Sunny's workstation. As Raiden is falling into the sea at the end of Act 4, he will recall his last conversation with Rosemary.. A picture of, During the Act 3 intermission, when Raiden is injured, one of Sunny's monitors is blue as if it has no input. This isn't the only, In-universe, as well. In addition, the Fly camouflage can be procured by kicking down a bathroom stall door in Grani… You're insane! The camera allows you to take pictures in-game and access them from the photo album in the main menu which can then be exported to the PS3s HDD. Whilst in this room, pointing a camera at the Beauties will cause them to pose for you, and playing "Oishii Two-han Seikatsu" on the iPod will make them dance. it appears that Big Boss' true motive may have been to create a world free from the Patriots... that was certainly why Liquid Ocelot claimed to have had Outer Haven, at least, his son who uses a toy sword to perform the same moves he does, although they're not designed as eye candy. As a witness. The, The first cardboard box you see has "No place for Hideo" printed on it, which was a throwback to when Hideo claimed he wasn't working on. Canonically, whether Venom kills or goes non-lethal depends on how you play. ..Move the camera to the left, and Snake can see the ghost of Psycho Mantis in the sky mind-controlling Screaming Mantis. Yes, but you're not fighting Psycho Mantis... you're fighting with Screaming Mantis, and although she is being controlled by Psycho Mantis, you're not actually fighting HIM... you're fighting Screaming Mantis under his influence. Therefore, he shouldn't be included in that list... and apparently he's not anymore. Download from the "Extras" menu (knocks out enemies with one CQC punch or one roll; Camo index will be decreased by 10%). Download from the "Extras" menu (makes enemies in chokehold cry and adds to enemies' Cry Emotion when spotted). The reason why the Patriots are gunning for world domination. Glass - (Black) - When you first begin Act 3, before following the resistance, look foward, a black glass door will be right in front. In the top right corner of this monitor, it reads "Hideo" instead of "Video. This will refill Snake's psyche gauge. Technically speaking yes, but as Psycho Mantis is controlling the BnBs, finishing off Screaming Mantis also finishes off whatever is left of Psycho Mantis in this world. During Act 4 when Raiden and Vamp are fighting on top of REX, if you try to shoot the railgun up at REX's head Snake won't do it and say things like "it's no good!" Remember, this is a sneaking mission and CQC is always the best way to take down enemies, imo. Get over 75 alert phases, over 250 kills, and over 25 continues. Η Yahoo αποτελεί μέρος της Verizon Media. Looking at the future, they created nukes, so did they start becoming evil after the events of the game or were they always like that? Otacon has a story about virtually every room in Act 4 that Snake encountered in the original. Equip Solid Eye and examine a soldier. I just started up a game on Easy today (beat it on the American normal difficulty the first time) so that I could try to beat it with no kills/alerts. Doing this will unlock the trophy "Crop Circle". The game doesn't point it out explicitly, but you can notice that Meryl and her Rat Patrol are wearing mass-production versions of Snake's old Sneaking Suit underneath their combat webbing. War has become routine. When you hold L1 to see Screaming Mantis in the Middle East. Snake will comment, "Just like old times.". Some are characters from Metal Gear Solid, whilst some are members of the Metal Gear Solid 4 development team. I... All I could do was obsess about revenge...doubting my comrades along the way. Also, the channel numbers are Hurley's lottery numbers from the TV show, LOST. They are just your average soldiers, canonically Big Boss would just fulton them (but gameplay necessities got in the way of that). Move the camera directly overhead and move around. However, you do need to use non-lethal means against the beast forms if you want to collect the boss statues, which are required if you want to get the Solar Gun (which is also non-lethal). It's all dependent on your emotional reaction from GZ, especially if you've played PW. The first thing she does is spit up water, but then it goes straight to Clean Pretty Romantic and they kiss. Like the Bandana, using it will count against your "Special Items" score. When worn, Snake will have infinite ammo. If entered correctly, Little Gray will squeak to confirm the code was entered correctly. He never really puts away that knife of his either. Others are HARD, such as The End. That's why you need me. If you have a Sixaxis, then Mantis will go mad over the fact that the vibration is gone. Walk around in the filled-in trench leading up to the Comm Towers. Beat the game on Naked Normal or higher with 0 deaths, 3 alerts or fewer, 0 kills, 0 recovery items used, 0 special items used, and in under 6.5 hours. In order to see the ghosts, unlike in Metal Gear Solid, a photo does not need to be taken in order to see the ghost; they can be seen through the camera's viewfinder, as long as the "Sorrow" doll is equipped. Nine years have passed since the Shadow Moses Incident. Would Venom Snake create nukes & kill soldiers, or not? It makes sense to me that he'd kill the entire Cobra Unit as well. It is heavily implied that this was Vamp's main goal now. This is because it's from the Boktai/Lunar Knights games, where the weapon is designed to kill vampires. During the "Beauty" phase of every fight with a BB member, going roughly two or three minutes without defeating the Beauty will send you to a "White Room", where they will continue to pursue you and you cannot use the codec. In Act 3 kill the resistance members one by one and call Otacon each time and see how he goes nuts. Likewise Snake was (arguably) designed to look like Clint Eastwood from the second installment until this one, where he was also supposedly designed after Van Cleef (hence the, The final battle deserves a mention, as the entire battle consists of a battle atop, "You're pretty good", which itself is a callback to Ocelot's immediate line to Solid Snake after their first boss battle in. It’s a Blu-ray Disc. Now we're talking.". Flashback of Master Miller telling Snake that Naomi is a spy and Naomi telling Snake she vowed revenge on Snake over Gray Fox. In the first game she was tricked into becoming a pawn for the Patriots, but in MGS4, she's completely aware of what she's doing, but we never learn what it exactly was she was trying to do until right after FOXALIVE spreads throughout the Patriots. But I'll remember everything you were... And stick with you to the end. Be warned, however, that doing this too many times will result in game over. Unsurprisingly, Naomi. 01, is actually an anagram of "PatR10t" (Patriot), indicating that their true benefactors were the Patriots, but they. Enter through either the vent on the ground level or the vent on the second level in the Helipad rather than entering through the door.


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