To use SPLAT!, you need to know some parameters of the transmitter. can predict RF coverage for any frequencies between 20 MHz and 20 GHz. SPLAT! Select your location using the pull down menu. If you are looking for radio coverage map predictions for broadcast, telecoms or amateur radio then you have found the right site!

For added precision, you can also include the power loss in your connectors as well. can then compute coverage maps. Radio Mobile elevation and landcover data sources, Radio Mobile Online - Online RF propagation simulation software. 5 dBd = 7.15 dBi). 0000003170 00000 n Centre Site – this is the location of your transmitter. For many years, Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC) provided a free online tool call CovLab Web that would generate FM coverage using the Longley-Rice terrain-sensitive propagation model. A RF coverage map generated for the VA3XPR repeater in Toronto, Canada, using Radio Mobile Online. Once you have defined your transmitter location, it is now time time create a RF coverage map for that location. Since this free tool performed a valuable task to some, I’ve been asked if there’s anything else like it. Run from your internet browser, on any software platform such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and devices like Ipad, smart phones, etc. For many stations, that’s not an issue, but in a region that has more spectrum congestion, it’s a problem. The "pretty" maps are considered part of sales promotion. For a Radio Coverage study, a colored plot over a topographical map is produced. In contrast to inaccurate "HAAT" (Height Over Average Terrain) estimations, we use highly accurate computerized radio propagation modelling tools which have a detailed terrain model. 35 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 40 /H [ 1293 254 ] /L 1106283 /E 9136 /N 3 /T 1105465 >> endobj xref 35 22 0000000016 00000 n There are two mays to plot your location on map – either by directly entering the latitude and longitude into the fields provided or by iteratively moving the pin on the map and zooming in until you locate the pin on your desired location.

The radio coverage tool uses the same Longley-Rice model as CovLab Web. Unfortunately, the web-based tool joined its desktop brethren CovLab in the land of non-distribution. Unless you’ll be using an antenna with an offset gain, you should just use the default omnidirectional, or “Omni” setting.
Depending on the details entered and the time of day to which you have requested the RF coverage map to be generated, it may take anywhere from a few minutes to 20 minutes to produce the coverage map. Using the Object Editor, Route lines can be drawn on the map using waypoints and saved for future use. 0000003134 00000 n Please note that the value for this field is in dBi (isotropic) – if your antenna has a dBd (dipole) value, you can covert dBd to dBi by adding 2.15 dBi (i.e. Radio Mobile Online is a radio wave propagation prediction tool created and maintained by Roger Coudé, VE2DBE, which is dedicated for use by the ham radio community. Next, there’s an offering from . LM3914 and LM3915 are dot/bar display drivers used to create basic displays of analog voltage levels. We are specialists in radio coverage planning and prediction. Route radio coverage. can predict RF coverage for any frequencies between 20 MHz and 20 GHz. Please read the comments policy before publishing your comment. 0000005800 00000 n If you know of another tool besides these two that can generate FM coverage maps, please comment below. is a cross-platform, open-source software that can be used to analyze a radio link between two locations and to generate coverage maps of RF transmitters. Go to the Radio Mobile Online website and create a free account. 10 ft = 3.48 m). Perhaps you’re curious as to how good the simplex range is from your home station. On this page you can get see what you can get for free, and browse other paid options. Either way, there is a quick and easy way to generate RF coverage maps for your specific application available for free online! As indicated on the Radio Mobile Online website, it uses digital terrain information and a mathematical model to simulate radio transmissions between two fixed sites or between a fixed site and a mobile. To do this, simple select the “New Site” option in the menu. I'll use for demonstration purposes a Romanian television transmitter with the following parameters: For this transmitter I must make two files with the same name: In the LRP file remember to adjust climate and terrain parameters if the case. These maps are generated using the same data and most of the same algorithms that the FCC uses when trying to predict coverage of radio stations and interference with other nearby radio stations.

Have you ever wanted to create an RF coverage map to find out how good the repeater coverage would be from a certain location? Do you know any free (or cheap) tools to do that and place it on Google Earth?” I know of two free Windows tools useful in analyzing radio coverage. Analogue Broadcast Radio Measured Coverage Area (MCA) Maps - Disclaimer 1 MCA maps Ofcom’s MCA maps represent the coverage of the licence concerned which is recognised by Ofcom, and used for administrative purposes only. Those databases are located on the server and represent a total of 198 GigaBytes. The result of this will be coverage maps that are not representative of the actual signal levels that a users may experience, especially in urban areas. The online version has some limitations also: it depends on an internet connexion, and it is limited to amateur radio bands. 0000004953 00000 n

100 ft = 30.48 m). The radio coverage tool uses the same Longley-Rice model as CovLab Web. SPLAT! Radio Mobile Online is a radio wave propagation prediction tool created and maintained by Roger Coudé, VE2DBE, which is dedicated for use by the ham radio community. Next, there’s an offering from For digital television (although these are for ATSC standard) values 0.5 and 0.9 are recommended for situations, respectively time. JS writes, “I am doing a very small wireless operation in Catalonia, and it would be very interesting to have the coverage map of the antennas. Please note that this is in metres and if you want to convert your height in feet, divide the value by 3.2808 (i.e. Radio Mobile is dedicated to amateur radio and humanitarian use. Use of the tool requires you to sign up for an account, which is free. There’s a lot of knobs and switches in the input parameters, which can be a good and a bad thing depending on your level of comfort.

is described in a previous article.

Take a look at some example radio coverage maps on the Examples link in the menu above. 0000001293 00000 n

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. But the nice things are: To use Radio Mobile Online the only thing required is a subscription by registration to the tool. An explanation of each of these is below. Well, here’s a couple options that I was test-driving while still using CovLab Web from time to time.

To generate an RF coverage map using Radio Mobile Online, all you need to do if follow the three easy steps below. You can do this by providing your name or callsign and email address.

0000001547 00000 n One of the biggest factors is your radio; some radios will perform much better than others in trying to pick up distant radio stations. The digital terrain information comprises three databases: ground elevation, land cover, and population density, which combined total 200 GB of information.

The two rays method and landcover path loss estimation are based on my 40 years experience in radio propagation.

He is passionate about VHF/UHF repeater communications, especially using digital modes and he has owned and operated a number of ham radio repeater installations over the years, including ones in both the provinces of Ontario (VE3/VA3) and New Brunswick (VE9).


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