The notification is a precursor to the norms that RBI is likely to release for regulation of P2P lending in India. Regular IT audits have also been mandated by the RBI to ensure that the reporting of the outcome of the audit is conducted on a regular interval. A platform fulfilling the above criteria is classified as an NBFC P2P. What are their obligations? RBI had argued in favour of regulating P2P lending entities in the consultation paper, stating that the sector has the potential to “disrupt the financial sector and throw up surprises". (2) Words or expressions used in these Directions but not defined herein and defined in the Investor Protection: The RBI Guidelines on P2P Lending could very well be the game changer in this regard. Currently, at a nascent stage, the P2P lending landscape in India is poised to grow into a $4 Bn-$5 Bn industry by 2023. The gazette notification stated that all the P2P loan platforms will be treated as non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) and will be brought under the ambit of the banking regulator. Compulsory membership of all Credit Information Companies (“ CIC ”) and provision of data, including historical data. According to the newly-issued draft, at least two escrow accounts, one for funds received from lenders and pending disbursal, and the other for collections from borrowers, will have to be maintained.

An NBFC P2P platform is required to furnish details about the borrower, including its personal identity and credit score, and the details of the loan including the amount and the interest, fees, and taxes. What are the operational compliances required to be undertaken by an NBFC P2P. Copyright © HT Digital Streams Limited All rights reserved. Additionally, an NBFC P2P must maintain a leverage ratio not exceeding 2 at all times during the course of its operations. Lendbox gets NBFC-P2P licence from RBI (Reserve Bank Of India), RBI Certified NBFC - P2P Lending Platform, Lendbox is an RBI registered NBFC-P2P Lending Company that operates in Why are RBI actions not bringing down the yield curve? List of verified and active borrowers at OMLp2p. In other terms, the primary role of the NBFC P2P is to facilitate the lending of unsecured loans without providing any credit guarantee or enhancement, and without holding any funds meant for the purpose of either disbursement or servicing of the loans, in its own account. The following are some critical compliances: Board approved policy of operations noting, inter alia, the eligibility criteria of participants; the pricing of services; the rules or methods of matching lenders with borrowers, etc. In the newly-released paper, the RBI has intended the following services that a peer-to-peer lending company should partake in: The limitations placed on peer-to-peer lending portals include: In a recent Gazette notification issued by the central government, the RBI classified P2P lending platforms as a subset of the NBFC (non-banking financial companies) category. While there is no clarity on information exchange and control mechanism to limit lender and borrower to the caps mentioned, I believe that much more clarity will come on these issues in coming days.”. C = Investments in shares of other NBFCs and in shares, debentures of subsidiaries and group companies greater than 10% of (A-B).

amongst its borrowers and lenders.

This move will bring legality and credibility to the platforms like us who are facilitating loans on the platform for borrowers who don’t have access to formal financial Institutions.”. Further, a three month period for existing entities to comply with, or draw out strategies to comply with the significant requirements of these Master Directions may also prove to be a clog in their regular operations; it remains to be seen how the RBI would consider these issues once the three month period expires. I am a corporate lawyer capable of providing high quality and timely corporate and commercial law expertise to individuals, startups and established entities. Undoubtedly, the new norms will make it difficult for fly-by-night operators to swindle investors. 4. Back in April,2016, RBI had released a consultation paper discussing the various aspects of the peer to peer lending industry. We are excited to announce that Lendbox is now an RBI

While the newly-released directions by the RBI come with a lot of positives, how far the drawbacks will affect the fledgling industry’s growth is something that only time will tell. RBI's guidelines for Peer to peer lending platforms. It is important to note here that not all crowdfunding activities belong to the category of P2P lending.

If properly regulated, P2P lending platforms can do this more effectively," the regulator stated in the paper. At your discretion, you select the people you want to invest In recent times, the launch of India’s digital stack – Aadhaar, eKYC and digital payment services (including UPI and BHIM) – has paved the way for a fintech reformation that challenges the long-standing monopoly of traditional banking institutions. On the whole, it can be commented that the RBI Guidelines on P2P Lending is a step in the right direction. Several platforms would allow investors to invest as much as possible in a single borrower, thereby exposing the hapless investors to tremendous financial risk. Ensure that the aggregate exposure of a lender to all borrowers at any point of time across all P2Ps does not exceed $15,351 (INR 10 Lakh). What is the business of a P2P lending platform according to the RBI?

The NOF is calculated in the following manner: A = Paid up equity capital + Free reserves + Balance in share premium account + Capital reserves (representing surplus arising out of asset sale excluding revaluation of assets), B = Accumulated loss + book value of intangible assets.

Effective Grievance Redressal: One of the key highlights of the RBI Guidelines on P2P Lending is its emphasis on timely and effective grievance redressal. An NBFC P2P thus has to plan out and document various issues, policies and documents in order to comply with the Master Directions. Comments: Owing to the sharing of sensitive information like a person’s credit information, the RBI has rightly focussed on ensuring that an NBFC P2P puts in place a secure and reliable network infrastructure, and provides details of the same to the RBI. An age-old adage says that “Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket”. details about the borrower/s including personal identity, required amount, interest rate sought and credit score as arrived by the NBFC-P2P. Which activities are prohibited to be undertaken by an NBFC P2P?

Not only is this likely to impact vanilla acquisitions by private equity players, but it may have a bearing on larger acquisitions such as a complete buyout of the entity. This increases the legitimacy of platforms and provides a degree of comfort to the participants. For any General Advice related matter, Your email address will not be published. Copyright © Transactree Technologies Pvt Ltd 2020. P2P lending firms unlike aggregator firms hold the lender’s money before giving it out to the borrower which creates a risk factor. SIAC Stay On Sale Of Future Group’s Assets Binding In India: Amazon Te... Fintech Startup slice Raises INR 39 Cr In Debt Funding From Multiple F... Online Used Car Marketplace Cars24 Launches ESOP Buyback Worth INR 35 ... Decoding SBI’s $40Bn Valuation For YONO: Can It Rule India's Fintech E... [The Outline By Inc42 Plus] Ecommerce Puts On Festive Wear. However, this would also result in greater compliance costs for entities which do not already conform to this requirement.

Active borrowers are listed at the top. Log in to our website to save your bookmarks. enable both borrowers and lenders to transact on mutually acceptable

In a recent landmark decision, RBI has increased the aggregate P2P exposure of a lender from ₹10 lakhs to ₹50 lakhs. the expanding peer to peer lending space in India.

Additionally, the announcement is aimed at helping these startups raise organised funding efficiently. This will alert our moderators to take action. “Guidelines on P2P lending by the regulator will be important as it involves individual investors’ money. Complaints should be handled/disposed of by NBFC-P2Ps within a stipulated time and in the manner as provided for in its board approved policy, but in any case not beyond a period of one month from the date of receipt. At least two separate escrow accounts are required to be created by the NBFC P2P – one for the receipt of funds for disbursal from the lender, and another for the receipt of funds as servicing of the loan from the borrower.

In its 2016 “Consultation Paper on Peer to Peer Lending,” RBI defines P2P lending as a form of crowdfunding that entails issuing unsecured loans to borrowers via an online portal. cutting down delays and defaults by the borrowers. With more efficient tracking of borrower behaviour, the task of identifying and penalising defaulters will also become easier. However, the RBI may just be exercising caution at this stage and may be assessing the manner in which these regulations are implemented. He further stated, “More clarification is required on how the execution of agreements between borrowers and lenders will take place, as in 11(1)(ii) clause RBI says that Lender’s personal identity should not be revealed to borrower.”, Reiterating what Singh said, i-Lend founder Shankara Vaddadi added, “There are some areas that require further clarification, specifically, the cap on lenders across P2P lending platforms. Further, it must also submit a viable business plan after approval by the board of directors (“ Board ”) of the NBFC P2P. As claimed by Minister for Electronics and IT, Ravi Shankar Prasad, India’s digitised economy will likely grow three-fold to $1 Tn by 2024 from its current $270 Bn. Abc Small. Click here to read the Mint ePaperMint is now on Telegram. Peer to Peer lending (P2P lending) connects investors who lend money online with verified borrowers who are seeking to get affordable Peer to Peer (P2P) Loans. Scrutiny by the RBI and In-Principle approval. For P2P it is essential to adopt a structure of a company. Undoubtedly, it would make life difficult for the non-serious players who have got into the game without any long-term commitment. The maturity period of any loan obtained by a borrower cannot exceed 36 months. By eliminating the need for intermediaries, social lending platforms manage to offer high returns on investments as well as low-interest rates for borrowers, irrespective of market conditions. The NBFC P2P must maintain the credit information pertaining to the borrowers on its platform, and update it on a monthly basis and provide any other documents or information as may be required by the CIC. You are now subscribed to our newsletters. The RBI Guidelines on P2P Lending mandate that any NBFC-P2P must reveal the following crucial pieces of information to the lenders: details about the borrower/s including personal identity, required amount, interest rate sought and credit score as arrived by the NBFC-P2P. Finally, on 4th October 2017, RBI has released the Master Directions (Master Direction DNBR (PD) 090/ 03.10.124/ 2017-18) governing the P2P lending industry. 9. Talking on the matter, OpenTap co-founder and CEO Senthil Natarajan told Inc42, “The main difference between P2P in India and other countries is that we’re latecomers to the party. The move could ultimately facilitate peer-to-peer transactions, especially for users without proper access to online platforms in rural and semi-urban areas.


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