Eliminate any opportunity for leafhoppers to overwinter. The last three nymphal stages lack black bands. We first observed mating in early July and found newly deposited eggs in rhododendron leaves by mid-July. The damage may look similar to that of leafhoppers but differs as the leaf underside is covered with fecal spotting. The first nymphs of this second brood were found July 16 on a wild Rubus sp. Includes Cicadomorpha spp.. Pest description and damage Several species of leafhopper may attack ornamental plants. Caterpillars, weevils, and other chewing insects do feed on rhododendrons and may warrant control. These leaves were then observed every few days beginning in mid-April. Most leafhoppers associated with ornamentals feed without producing noticeable damage or transmitting plant disease - and many are minute (3 mm long or less) and of modest coloration. A distinct black band is present at the junction of the face and the top of the head. At this time, the leafhopper was most common on the evergreen azaleas and mountain laurel even though over wintering eggs had been most numerous on rhododendron. This agreed with the findings of a British researcher (who actually had studied that breed on rhododendrons in England (40 or more cast skins have been found on a single leaf), no economic damage has been observed. They are especially noticeable when several are inserted in a single leaf. . Graphocephala coccinea A similar-appearing species associated with rhododendrons is Adults are common on ericaceous shrubs, as well as other plants, during October or until the first killing frosts. The adult potato leafhopper is pale green and wedge-shaped, about 1/8 inch long. Common Problems of Rhododendron and Azalea by Dr. Sharon M. Douglas How To Identify Rhododendron and Azalea Problems by A.I. Disclosure. They are distinguished by the adult hopping or flying to escape danger, and by the ability of nymphs and adults to run forwards, backwards, or sideways easily. A Rhododendron Leafhopper - Field Recognition and Habits A. G. Wheeler, Jr. and K. Valley Bureau of Plant Industry, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Harrisburg, PA Abstract The leafhopper Graphocephala coccinea inserts pouch - like eggs in leaves of rhododendron. . A good combination оf liquid аnd granular material wіll knock thеm dоwn аnd kеер thеm down. Natural predators include birds, beneficial Green Lacewing larvae, and parasitoid wasps. Robert L. Furniss, Portland, Oregon, called our attention to literature on but was recognized as a distinct species mainly on differences in the male genitalia. Despite its striking appearance For now, feel free to continue reading. Eggs deposited just under the upper or lower epidermis of rhododendron and mountain laurel leaves appear as prominent, oval swellings. are among the most strikingly colored of the North American leafhoppers. ) but conflicted with those of Herbert Osborn, at the time North America's foremost authority on the leafhoppers. We therefore made more detailed observations in 1979, taking samples from leafhopper populations on the three ericaceous plants at weekly, or at least biweekly, intervals from April to October. He and our colleague Thomas J. Henry kindly reviewed the manuscript. During the last week of May and the first few days of June, 4th-and 5th stage nymphs were present. In sharp contrast to the adults, body color of the nymphs is a pale yellow. These insects, which are related to cicadas, spittlebugs, and treehoppers, extract sap from plants by means of a beak or proboscis. Because they don’t overwinter here, crop rotation doesn’t help control them at all. G. fennahi , an evergreen azalea (undetermined cultivar), and Leafhoppers are slender, delicate insects about 0.125 inch or less in length. This irregular hole contrasts sharply with the longitudinal slit produced by the leafhopper nymph when it emerges from the egg. The pouch-like eggs, appearing as swellings or bumps on foliage (Fig. , an egg parasite. Of the estimated 3,000 species known to occur in North America, only a few ever attract a grower's attention. in mountain laurel leaf. The feeding of this leafhopper does not seem to produce the stippling or chlorotic appearance of foliage that is characteristic of leafhopper injury to apple and several other plants. Brilliant, alternating bands of red and green on the outer pair of wings contrast vividly with the yellow legs, face, and top of the head. Avoid over fertilizing with nitrogen which promotes lush green growth that in turn attracts leafhoppers and other pests such as aphids. G. fennahi Lacebugs can cause damage on rhododendrons. In succeeding years a grower may find mysterious holes in rhododendron leaves where tissue has dropped from areas of egg deposition. Remove all debris and offcuts from your garden as soon as possible. Graphocephala coccinea Natural Enemies . These eggs were found in leaves of the current season, thus marking the beginning of a second generation. Apparently the early-stage nymphs leave rhododendron to feed on the more succulent foliage of azaleas and numerous other shrubs and herbaceous plants. In this paper we provide information allowing a field recognition of both immature and adult forms of the leafhopper and an understanding of its life history and habits. Economic Importance G. coccinea Harrisburg, PA. Abstract Photo by James F. Stimmel A brief description of the adult and immature forms of the leafhopper is provided, and its seasonal history on ericaceous shrubs is summarized. G. coccinea Although eggs of Antonelli, et al. It is on ornamental rhododendrons. Third-and 4th-stage nymphs were present in early August, with 5th or last-stage nymphs making up most of the population by August 15. Generally not enough eggs are laid in rhododendron leaves to detract from the appearance of the plants, so control measures are not usually necessary. Only one wasp emerges from each parasitized egg. G. fennahi Sunset Western Garden Problem Solver suggests control may be had by spraying the affected leaves with a strong blast of water from a hose. All specimens reared from ericaceous plants refer to G. fennahi 3). A Rhododendron Leafhopper - Field Recognition and Habits Gonatocerus novifasciatus inserts pouch - like eggs in leaves of rhododendron. Graphocephala coccinea The first two nymphal stages also display the distinct black facial band found on the adult, and in addition, conspicuous black bands are present on the dorsal (top) surface of the thorax and abdomen (the two body divisions behind the head). 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