As per the customs data of Russia imports, the country imported machinery the most in 2015. USA (80,6%), United Kingdom – 17.3 billion dollars. The share of the European Union in January-December 2019 accounted for 41.7% of Russian trade turnover (in January-December 2018 – 42,8%), the APEC countries – 31,8% (31,0%), the CIS countries and 12.1% (11,8%), the member States of the EAEU 8.6 per cent (8.2 per cent). We provide the most accurate Russia import export data, which is collected from trustworthy sources. Privacy & Policy From knowing your competitor's shipment records to know current market trends in Russia, you can substantially boost your business performance by getting details of every shipment that enters into Russia. Against Sevastopol entrepreneur, realizing counterfeit goods, criminal case, Saratov customs: Penza oblast increased exports by 43%, Another parcel with sibutramine had identified the Rostov customs…, Omsk center for electronic Declaration changes the operation mode, To report incidents of corruption in the Smolensk customs by phone,…, In the Stavropol region will be destroyed more than 8 thousand packs of illegal tobacco, The Samara customs office initiated 4 criminal cases, Smolensk customs officers prevented smuggling of psychotropic substances, Tula customs: on confirmation of origin of goods, 260 billion listed Baltic customs in the Federal budget, Saratov customs: foreign trade turnover of the Republic of Mordovia has increased by 16%, The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation ruled in favor of the Sevastopol customs, The Amur customs post (the electronic Declaration center), Khabarovsk customs will cease operations…, 1.3 million tons of wood were exported by the traders through the customs post of checkpoint Naushki…, Astrakhan operatives revealed the smuggling of dual-use goods, Another parcel with sibutramine had identified the Rostov customs officers, To report incidents of corruption in the Smolensk customs by phone, email or in writing. Privacy & Policy Since 2009, Russia has significantly increased imports of U.S. bourbon and rum. Machinery, Nuclear Reactors, Boilers, etc. Found…, The Samara customs office initiated 4 criminal cases 4 criminal cases were instituted on 10 August the Samara customs officers: two cases under part 2 of article 173.1 of the criminal code and 2 for part 2 and part 3 of article…, Smolensk customs officers prevented smuggling of psychotropic substances Employees of Smolensk customs together with employees UFSB of Russia across the Smolensk region foiled an attempt of smuggling of psychotropic substances.

Russian customs data, derived from the official Russian customs data and ports’ bill of lading, uses the world’s largest amount of fields and most detailed customs data with as many as 101 (101 columns, EXCEL format) import and export data fields. Our research report help you in analysing the Export & Import market trends of Russia! Cost and physical volume of this commodity group increased by 4.3% and 6.9%, respectively. Russian imports currently represent 1.4% of overall international imports totaling $16.054 trillion in 2016. Thereafter, Russia registered almost similar import value of products on an average in later months of the year 2015. Deliveries of barley decreased by 27.9%, wheat 27.6%, fish fresh and frozen – 4.1%. Foreign Buyer/Importer Name, Address, Telephone, Fax etc. Now they have started a Russian website in which only Russia customs data will be delivered to the clients. Russian Customs Data Content. According to import data of Russia, the country recorded a great decline in the import value of total products in 2015. We are well recognized for the following achievements. However, decreased physical volumes of export of oil products by 5.0%, including kerosene – 9.9%, diesel fuel – by 6.5%, liquid fuels – 3.2%, natural gas supplies fell by 0.3%. Read More for Russia Export Data. © 2020 - Russian Federal Customs Service.

Russia Customs Import Data is based on Bill of Entry, Invoices filed with Russian customs. [1] In the foreign trade turnover of Russia included fish and seafood of the Russian Federation not to be delivered for customs clearance on the territory of the Russian Federation; bunker fuel, fuel, food and materials purchased outside the territory of the Russian Federation; the goods and vehicles imported by individuals; the adjustments for unaccounted volumes of mutual trade with the countries of the EEU.


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