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After some water and sitting quietly for about 30 minutes I was ok.  Just wondering if there is something else I can look for. WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Did you ever get a diagnosis? I kind of felt I had IBS, because i know I’ll get diarrhea if i eat certain foods...usually gravy & sauces.

Fainting Symptoms . I tried to lift my arms and legs but it hurt too much.

Going back to work tomorrow, hoping it won't happen again. uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. Typically an attack occurs while standing and is frequently preceded by a sensation of warmth, nausea, lightheadedness and visual "grayout." I would eat something I've eaten a million times before (food my mom made, dining hall food, and food I made myself), feel okay, and then suddenly feel a violent urge to vomit. Patient does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Definitely worth looking into though! I'm going to the dr in a few days... Did you ever find out what caused that faint/sweaty incident at your Mom's house? This just happened to me. Feeling lightheaded, weak and short of breath could be signs of a heart attack. Most causes of dizziness are relatively minor, which means that there are many natural home remedies you can employ to get relief. Fainting or seizures; Natural Home Remedies for Dizziness and Nausea. Follow Posted 4 years ago, 15 users are following. Folks who are prone to syncope commonly begin fainting at around 13 years old. I did not vomit tonite, but I did then. I then started to sweat profusely, my whole body was saturiated and i felt very clammy but I would not say i was hot or overheating.

Registered in England and Wales. Now I will be more aware of what I’m eating when I have an episode. The following day after both episodes I felt fine (about 85%) with no loose bowel movements or loss of apetite. But once I got into my room and layed down on my bed I felt better because there was cooler air. Right now, I’m feeling much better but skin is cold & stomach is telling me to stay on the toilet, as much as I want to jump back into bed. How Long Does Coronavirus Live On Surfaces? I’m a tall 76 yo female, in reasonable good health, overweight but not fat, walk 3 dogs 3x a day, have hi blood pressured controlled by meds, play shuffleboard & bocce ball once a week, live with my 2 dogs, & try to stay active. I was half asleep during the second time. Funny thing is, I just saw a doctor the day before to get a check up and refill for my meds. Soon I felt dizzy and started sweating. The sudden, transient, loss of consciousness in an individual is known as syncope or fainting. My hands and arms were too weak. I tried to turn the doorknob to get out but I couldnt (it wasnt locked).

appropriate medical assistance immediately. Learn how this disease affects the nervous system.

I recently went to a gastroenterologist after a lifetime of GI issues. We had been told that they couldn't determine what is was since I wasn't having the symptoms while I was there because everything was normal. Yes. Upgrade to Patient Pro Medical Professional? I have this happen about 3 times a year for 10+ years.

Forget the fountain of youth – try flossing instead! but also I could say my opinion about your problem. I get that way w/low blood pressure & my sister has had those symptoms from allergies too. It can happen in otherwise healthy people. First off, I'm not pregnant. ... sweating, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, visual changes, abnormal body movements, loss of control of bowel or bladder, and chest pain are important clues.

Fainting is a particular problem for the elderly who may suffer serious injuries from falls when they faint. Here’s what you need to know about the transition into menopause – and life after the change takes place. 5 minutes of nausea, profuse sweating and feeling faint. Fainting is a common problem, accounting for 3% of emergency room visits and 6% of hospital admissions. I know this post is super old but seems like people are still having issues so I thought I would throw my experience in the mix. Try any of the following the next time you feel dizzy and nauseous: 1. Im not sure if I should go to the doctors? So, has that whole drenched in sweat, disoriented, nauseas thing happened to you before? 1 week in and the attacks have reduced dramatically. I'm 34, in pretty good shape, eat clean, etc....I have had some vertigo in the last few months, but what happened the other night really scared me. So, I called for my dad but when I did I couldnt hear myself. They'll go limp and often break out in a cold sweat. A simple episode, also called a vasovagal attack or neurally-mediated syncope, is the most common type of fainting spell. I slid to the floor because I was about to pass out.

After looking it up, the gallbladder thing makes sense, and I so wish I had gone when I was actively experiencing it so I could've stopped it. The same thing happened to me last night... very scary and I live alone and almost called 911. I know it's a sad news and I hope that your found out what was the problem..

Drink water.
From STD tests to mammograms, find out which screening tests you need - and when to get them. I couldnt move. 1am in the morning woke up as I was feeling very sick, couldnt stop yawning felt very weak and thought I was going to vomit so went to the bathroom but nothing came up, then all of a sudden I was drenched in sweat, heart was racing and my whole body was tingling and very weak. It is triggered by different things in different people and mine was dehydration after a tough workout. © 2005 - 2019 WebMD LLC. Always speak to your doctor before acting and in cases of emergency seek Good luck xo.

Therefore i stayed in bed and fough the urge to vomit. All I could hear was ringing and my face was really red. This sort of thing happened to me when I was straightening my hair. It gets bad enough I go lay in the snow to cool off. I felt like I needed to get to the bathroom fast afraid I was going to vomit. I was able to get it under control until recently (this past Christmas) it has started to act up. (he thinks it's low blood sugar)I am hypoglycemic and I can assure you it's not my sugar, Hi Jennifer, I had/Have these same symptoms for 20 years. I post this in the midst of what I think is another "attack;" which left me on the subway choking back vomit before I could get to work this morning. Hi all, Last night i woke up with nausea and slight discomfort feeling in my stomach. oh, sorry, accidendally post to wrong topic. respect of any healthcare matters. I am not sure but I'm thinking mine could of been a combination of it all, plus I'm not eating very much. All rights reserved. I've been having this exact same problem over recent months. I'm not pregnant and in my late 50s.

Thanks. it's kind weird, but I got used to it.

4 years ago, Any ideas, similar experinces or feedback would be great, Could possibly be related to Gallbladder or a very bad anxiety attack. it sounds similar to me too. We offer this Site AS IS and without any warranties. I had a similar episode 2 months ago with exactly the same symptoms, however and that occasion i did vomit.


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