Since each sewing machine is different, and this applies to Sergers as well, you need to do a test drive before you buy it. The short answer is no you don’t. Use multi-colored thread - That versatility will add to the attractive look of your sewing project. What Serger machines do is provide you with extra tools to shave some of that sewing time off your projects. On top of that, the time and effort you save can be invested in other family duties. Often the serger is my preference for woven fabrics that are being used in a garment. I always make sure that I am matching my stitch type to my fabric type. After you know how to handle the fabric, how to thread, and also know a little bit about sewing woven fabrics; it is the time to move to knitting. And also, making classic pillow also gives the instant result as well. There is no difference between a Serger and an Overlock machine. For example, trim, sew and also finish a seam in on quick and easy step.

The best solution is to make your own clothes. Making simple skirt can be the perfect project using a serger. The only drawback is that the regular sewing machines just take more time. When making any garment that happens to be knit, this is my go-to machine for construction. This helps extend the lifespan of any garments and it will make the garments more stand up from the tear, wear, and washing. Check the threading - When threads unwind irregularly, your sewing project is not going to look good. This action creates a wave or hill in the stitch. Categories: Your clothes are more durable and should not fray. We are going to say yes to that question. There are variations on the wave stitch, flatlock wave, rolled wave and reverse wave. Get the one that fits your sewing needs the best. It has some tips and troubleshooting hints to make sure you do not get frustrated when your Serger does not act as it should. we have great classes to help you take your sewing to the next level. 1. Again, the answer would be a resounding yes. They are very efficient and are a big help to you. Interested in a serger that has chain stitch capabilities? 4. This stitch looks like what was used on sacks of flour, sugar or dog food. 4.

5. Sign up to receive updates from Baby Lock. • Overlock stitch: An overlock stitch contains at least one needle thread and an upper and lower looper thread. Also, uneven threading can cause both the threads and the needles to break. The scarf has long edges that make sewer comfortable in using Serger.

A Serger is a wonderful sewing machine that helps speed up your sewing time while doing duties that you would normally do with regular sewing machines. It removes a lot of those sewing chores you hate to do. Sometimes, buying clothes from stores are not actually fit with our perception. The differential feed lever is on the right side of the Serger and it controls the front feed teeth, not the back. How to Sew & Make a Knit Dress with a Serger Machine - YouTube What this does is get the tension mechanisms open and ready to receive your thread. The underside of the stitch looks like a standard serger stitch. The pillow can be used for bed or throw pillow. I loved your tutorial on sewing with a serger. Making classic T-Shirt is a great startup for beginners because it is okay to be slightly loose and not perfectly fit. The key for you is in deciding which model you should buy. 6. Plus, you can have both machines in your sewing room. The result is the upper looper thread on top with the lower looper thread on the bottom and the threads locking at the fabric edge and the needle.

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Velvet Easily, Cotton vs Silk: 12 Differences Between Cotton and Silk, Why Use a Serger Instead of a Sewing Machine?, Do I Need a Serger And a Sewing Machine?. Using the right machine, like a Serger, will make sure that sewing talent rise to the top and produce results you can be proud of. Also, a Serger can save you time. Serging, Tips & Tricks. A good quality thread should prevent this from taking place frequently. Replacing a needle takes a light touch and you shouldn’t force them into place. (Do I Need a Serger Machine), Does Wool Burn? What else a Serger machine does is allow you to use multiple threads at the same time. Then a little flossing motion is helpful. Using Serger, you can just make any kind of clothes that you want. Often the serger is my preference for woven fabrics that are being used in a garment. Copyright © 2020 Baby Lock. The classic square pillow is a great project for any new sewer who uses any kind of sewing machine. The overlock stitch allows your fabrics to stretch properly while giving the seams the strength they need to endure that stretching.


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