I don't know what kind of stupidity I was inhale when I made the decision to go into this store and NOT check the reviews. We are terrible at shopping for furniture and it takes us years to decide on anything. The room were the furniture is located has probably been set in ten times with in a year. However, when the diamond chipped just weeks into wearing it, we made the…", "With so many jewelry stores in the neighborhood why choose Geraci's? Sorry...that's not NORMAL wear and tear, no matter how you define "manufacturer defect". We found a fun blue one and purchased it as well as a few kitchen chairs. THIS IS THE WORST PLACE. Terrible! when I called the store the lady made it seem like this is a problem they have all the time and that there is nothing that I can do about it like it was my fault.

But I will give them some credit, they do have some decent looking dining room tables. Contact the business for more information about recent service changes. $4,000 plus spent and I wish I had read the reviews. The reason we did not come here first was because of some of the horrible reviews but after going to places like Laz z Boy, Wayside  and  Levitz our options were decreasing. Never heard from anyone and the local manager never contacted me. Whatever you do, DO NOT purchase your furniture through acceptance now.

Jeremy was our sales person and we had such a great experience with him, it was really low pressure, easy, and even fun. It was scheduled to be delivered to me on the 27th. After purchasing a large item and paying for delivery, I waited nearly all day for delivery. Not impressed when we walked in, salesperson Barry Fellabaum greeted us and we asked about a specific sofa and loveseat we picked online. Surprise!

Honestly, I am happy I spoke to Greg because he gave this place an extra star. You need a large warehouse to have furniture the day off and we don't have one" I greatly didn't appreciate the condicending tone in his voice. The pros: Wide selection of affordable sofas and sectionals. Very unprofessional and rude. So of course I'm always a little skeptical. When I purchased my bunkbed over a month ago they were on back order which was ok cause we weren't moving to our new house for over a month anyway so I set up deliver for 5/29/15 and specified that I needed an afternoon drop off because we had to work in the morning so today (5/28/15) since I had not received a phone call to confirm time and delivery I called and was told that we are first on the list for drop off at 8:45am and they were not willing to change it for me. He told me to call the store and ask to speak to Greg Meyer on Monday.

Slow service. Subscribe for special offers, discounts, and promotions. To the clerks at the desk especially veterans of the business Thankyou.
She also basically said it was our fault for signing off in it when we picked it up! If i don't have resolution today, the entire set is going back. Please accept our apologies. I get ANOTHER person who says it's there and he's gonna locate it and call me back.

After assuring Robert I would return within 30 days to purchase another $4000 in additional furniture, he still refused to sell me another nightstand. They should probably have another dock-guy because had I been alone things could have gotten messy. UPDATE #2 = The store has worked with me to rectify all of my problems in a professional and customer friendly manner. On 11/21, I call was told "yes it's here, according to my computer" and the person said they would call me back in a few minutes to confirm. Matched internet pricing Friendly service Delivered when requested Be careful as they automatically add in a maintenance package to the price so don't be strong armed into getting a package which per Consumers Report doesn't work and is pricy. Attitude reflects future service or issues sell a service with a smile so they customer knows when they come back they can expect the same service, Comment from Value City Furniture C. of Value City Furniture. What type of place does this.

When it comes to complaints, there are some that had issues with delivery, durability, and customer service when things went wrong. What a piece of junk. Best sales people around. When I moved back to Richmond after living overseas, I had no furniture and a very short time frame to find and move in to an apartment. On Monday, I called and spoke to Greg. When I asked about when it would be replaced, I got the run around on the phone. While some of their more expensive items, feature luxury wood veneers and solid construction, lower priced items feature more cost-effective materials, like veneered particle board. Ten minutes later we are still waiting.

There are other furniture stores.

We randomly decided to go into Value City after exploring multiple stores. This store needs a lesson in customer service, huge disappointment. You have to buy a separate smaller box spring, which they neglected to tell me. That day came and no delivery, no call, nothing.

We watched as everyone else in the store was Service and no one paid us any mind. I will take the laminate wood floor boards and destroy you. Stuff happens though!

I purchased $1000 worth of furniture at this store. I didn't want war. The new furniture would now be delivered in a week. I arrived at the store and immediately asked to cancel my order. Anywho, we walk in and not one person greeted us. That was not accurate. The manager preferred to be condescending. Where do I start?? Love Value city!
These vendors both offer collections for dining spaces, living rooms, bedrooms, and more. After a few weeks on a sunken bed with a broken box spring, I couldn't take it anymore.

I like how the staff greets us when walking in. I was in the Glen Burnie store on 8/14/14 looking for a sectional sofa. $200) the delivery is still about $120 and it seems to be non-negotiable (i'm guessing because they contract the delivery out). So if you plan on shopping here and aren't going to be spending too much, you may want to make sure you have a way of picking up the furniture before hand.


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