a continually dripping faucet or toilet that does not shut off. More commonly used in new systems are pressurized tanks and supply … In addition to the “individual tenant water usage” problem, there is also a problem relating to water leakage. The meter is used by the water utility company as a basis for billing the building owner for the total water usage by all the building tenants and cannot be used as a basis for determining individual tenant usage of cold or hot water. For example, by keeping daily records of individual apartment water consumption, it is possible to ascertain graduated increases in water consumption associated with continuous water leakage, e.g. Black arrowheads denote hot water flow. An example is the provision of a tap at a sink supplying water directly from the incoming water … This is somewhat unfair to those apartment residents that tend to economize on hot water usage. The flow pipe from the boiler is connected into the hot-water header, and from the header all hot-water supplies are taken off. Thus, if there were 20 apartments, a main having a supplying capacity equal to 40 1/2-in. This avoids much annoyance, for if otherwise, the making of repairs in one flat might result in the shutting off of the supply in others. The range boiler, to be in keeping with the other plumbing fixtures of such work as shown in Plate 34, should be of copper. Each conduit includes a water meter that enables the owner of the apartment complex to accurately determine the hot water usage and cold water usage of each apartment tenant. Conduits 28 are in parallel flow relation. The water supply system depicted in FIG. In installing hot- and cold-water supply systems for large buildings, it is usual to supply headers which are connected with the boiler. 1 is advantageous in that the building owner is able to determine the hot water consumption and cold water consumption for each apartment in the apartment complex. Both reading systems work with all Kamstrup RF meters, and upgrade from the USB to the Cloud based system is simple and seamless. The size of main necessary to supply the plumbing fixtures for a large apartment building, office building, or other similar building, is a problem that is often difficult to solve. It is highly accurate, long life, has data logging capability, is highly tamper resistant, Easy to install in any orientation, light weight, compact, and has no lead content. The readings can be downloaded to the included PC software for export to a spreadsheet, external accounting software, or utility billing software. We also provide Kamstrup Ultrasonic Water Meters with encoded output for third party AMR and AMI systems. On ordinary work, the hot-water supply is run from the hot-water main, and ends at the fixture which it supplies. For large apartment buildings, office buildings, etc., it is far more satisfactory and more economical to provide a large tank heated by a special heater. The following table shows the approximate number of 1/2-in. Provisional Application No. Boilers used on tank systems may usually be of lighter construction than tank boilers, although this is not true in the case of high buildings. Kamstrup Radio AMR - Kamstrup offers two AMR meter reading systems. 2002 and entitled “Water Supply System for Multiple Dwelling Units”. Each tenant can be billed for his individual water usage. 8. There are no ongoing software or support fees required. The following is a table of boilers of standard size and make, and their capacities: For apartment buildings such as shown in Figs. Such a waste should not be connected directly into the drainage system. The main meter at the building water intake provides information only on the cold water flow into the building. Plate XXXIV. Both Fuller and self-closing work closes very quickly, and water, being almost incompressible, forms a very poor cushion to receive the shock. In the first case, the DHW system … Therefore, in the case of apartment buildings, the main will be ample in size if designed to supply two1/2-in. In FIG. Typically, the water meter is located outside the apartment building. If you are building in the cost of water to your lessees, renters, or homeowners, you may become noncompetitive with rental costs. The following types of properties will benefit from submetering. A water supply system for multiple dwelling units comprising: a cold water source that includes a main water meter; a cold water header from said main water meter providing a common supply to each said multiple dwelling units; a water heater receiving cold water from said main water meter; a hot water header from said water heater providing a common supply to each said multiple dwelling units; a cold water supply conduit for each dwelling unit connected to said cold water header; a hot water supply conduit for each dwelling unit connected to said hot water header; each said cold water conduit and said hot water conduit having an in-line water meter for measuring water flow characteristics therethrough and providing electronic readouts of said characteristics; and. FIG. 2) measures a very slow flow rate. An aim of the invention is to provide a water supply system wherein the cold water flow and hot water flow to each dwelling unit (apartment) 16 is individually metered, so that the building owner is enabled to know the cold and hot water consumption by each tenant in the building. a dripping faucet or a toilet that will not stop running. We can help you if you are non-metered, are upgrading from manual read to AMR meters, or have another reading system you would like to switch from. In a multi-apartment building it can be difficult for the building owner to detect water leakage in any particular apartment unit. Each line of pipe connecting with each header should be provided with a stop and waste cock close to the header, a small waste connection from each cock being connected into a main line of waste, which should empty into some convenient basement fixture. Kamstrup Meter Advantages over traditional mechanical meters: Utility Technologies, LLC - Products for Efficient Utility Management, Water Submeters & Reading Systems for Apartment, Condo, and Mobile Home Communities, 64 Seconds WaterPoint PLD Wireless Pipeline Leak Detector Kit, 64 Seconds WaterPoint LNC GIS Integrated Leak Noise Correlator Kit, SXBlue GPS/GNSS Satellite Receivers & Software for GIS, MIcronics Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Business/Municipal Credit Applications & Sales Tax Exemption Info, Events and Trade Shows 2017 (Spring-Summer), Malls, Commercial Strip Centers, and Multi-tenant office buildings. Plumbing For Apartment Building-Systems Of Hot-Water Supply-Range Boilers, Etc. The following will be of service in estimating the necessary size of main to perform given amounts of work. The system for distributing hot water to the individual apartment units is similar to the system used for distributing cold water to the apartment units, except for the source of the water. The main and branches, if properly sized, will allow water to be drawn at any fixture or any reasonable number of fixtures, without affecting the free flow of water at other fixtures. For residence work, boilers of larger capacity than 40 gallons are often required. The use of the valve waste allows the contents of the pipe to drain off into the fixture without discharging onto the cellar bottom. FIG. As read, the dots disappear until all meters are read. In all material respects the FIG. Most of the incoming cold water is sent directly from the single water meter to the various points of usage (primarily the apartment units). A somewhat similar situation exists with regard to cold water consumption. One apartment occupant might use a relatively large quantity of hot water, while another apartment occupant might use substantially less hot water. Separate headers are used for the cold supply, hot supply and return. Increments between 800 and 4000 just require a small one time software license fee. Output is standard AWWA UI-1203 protocol (Sensus compatible protocol). Each unit represents a specific dwelling unit (or apartment) in the building. It is not the purpose of this work to take up the consideration of either hot- or cold-water supply in a comprehensive manner. 2, numeral 50 denotes a hot water meter and cold water meter grouping or assembly for one dwelling unit. Free format text: Alternately, each water meter can be a rotary impeller type unit. Regulation Of Plumbing Construction In Tenement Houses, Lodging Houses, Etc. In another scenario, each ancillary water meter can be calibrated to measure very small water flow rates associated with water leakage conditions. The result is that in the first case a long line of pipe filled with cold water must often have to be drawn off before the water will run hot, while in the use of the circulating pipe, the water will run hot almost at once. 1 are merely representative of any number of dwelling units that might be located in the building. The drawings show a water supply system wherein the individual water meters 30 and 32 have visual readouts. When pipes of too small size are used, however, the use of water at a single fixture will result in a reduced flow at other fixtures. For apartment buildings such as shown in Figs. 1 includes a central water heater (or boiler)18 that receives a supply of cold water from main meter 12, via a cold water line 20. For example, in a typical apartment building having four floors, there might be ten apartments per floor, making a total of forty apartments in the building. In another, scenario the individual ancillary water meter 30 or 32 is calibrated so that one of the readout pointers or wheels 44 (FIG. Submetering can encourage conservation and help find leaks that cost you money. A route is loaded into the Android app, and meter locations are overlaid on a Google map. Each conduit includes a water meter that enables the owner of the apartment complex to accurately determine the hot water usage and cold water usage of each apartment tenant. individual apartment units in a multi-apartment building. dripping faucets or continuously running toilets. As you drive, the small RF reader reads the meters, transfers the reads via Bluetooth to the smart phone. Impeller rotation is related to rate of water flow. FIG. Typically, the readout includes three or more pointers or wheels that rotate at differential speeds to indicate the digits of the total flow value through the meter. In many present day apartment buildings a central hot water is employed for supplying hot water to the various individual dwelling units (apartments). Hardware components located below dashed line 14 would be positioned in the boiler area of the building. The present invention is concerned with a multi-apartment water supply system designed to eliminate or minimize the above-described problems, i.e. The main supply lines and branch mains under such conditions must be made to supply maximum requirements. by pressure-responsive devices, by flow detectors for pipes, cables or tubes; for pipe joints or seals; for valves ; for welds, Investigating fluid-tightness of structures by using fluid or vacuum by measuring rate of loss or gain of fluid, e.g. 4, the water meter assembly is located in a wall between two vertical wall studs 56, 56. fixture supplies per apartment. a water heater receiving cold water from said main water meter and a hot water header from said water heater for feeding said multiple dwelling units, a hot water supply conduit connected to said hot water header for each dwelling unit, and a cold water supply conduit connected to said cold water header for each dwelling unit, each said supply conduit having an ancillary water meter for measuring water flow therethrough; and. A water supply system for an apartment complex can include individual hot water conduits and cold water conduits for each apartment. Kamstrup READy - Ready is a smart phone or tablet based reading system. In preferred practice of the invention, the ancillary water meters 30 and 32 are grouped together in near proximity to each respective dwelling unit (16).


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