The first species of Dryopithecus discovered was found in France in 1856. • Spain As indicated through dental remains, D. crusafonte was probably larger than D. laietanus. (drī'ōpəthē`kəs, –pĭth`əkəs), an extinct group of apes.

The highly curved radius and ulna give the long arms a great insertion area for the massive brachialis. The zygomatic bone of Dryopithecus displays characters (overall robusticity and 3 zygomaxillary foramina found on the frontal process that are functionally related to the presence of cheek pads (Moya – Sola and Kohler). D. fontani is identified through fragmentary male and female mandibles, isolated teeth, and a humeral shaft.

According to Hartwig, “The canines of D. fontani and the male mandibular remains are among the largest of the genus. The first species of Dryopithecus was discovered at the site of Saint-Gaudens, Haute-Garonne, France, in 1856. You don't have to be a zoologist to know Europe isn't exactly known for its wealth of indigenous monkeys or apes. Other dryopithecids have been found in Hungary, Spain, and China. All 4 species (D. brancoi, D. crusafonte, D. fontani, D. laietanus) display the following traits: robust incisors, compressed canines, elongated premolars and molars that were thinly enameled and robust jaws in males. • Lartet, 1856 Dryopithecus is a genus mainly defined by isolated dental remains.

Dryopithecus is found as fossils in Miocene and Pliocene deposits (23 to 2.6 million years old) and apparently originated in Africa. • MNHN-AC 36, Fragmented subadult mandible containing canine through M2 on both left and right sides and fragment of symphysis The five-cusp and fissure pattern of its molar teeth, known as the Y-5 arrangement, is typical of the dryopithecids and of hominoids in general. Dryopithecus was a genus of apes that is known from East Africa into Eurasia during the late Miocene period. These characters are shared with both Sivapithecus and Pongo, strengthening the hypothesis that Sivapithecus and Dryopithecus are both ancestral to Pongo.”, Dryopithecus crusafonte • IPS 2, Associated set of mandibular teeth with P3 – M3 • Germany and Hungary The humerus is long and straight with a possible medial twist of the head as in African apes and humans.”, Dryopithecus laietanus Postorbital constriction is moderate, as seen in Pan.”. • 12 – 11 MYA Post cranial remains indicate that D. laietanus was the smallest of the genus. • 2 localities in France and 1 in Austria

Dryopithecus A genus of extinct apes, fossils of which have been found in Europe and Asia and dated to the mid-Miocene (about 16–7 million years ago). According to Hartwig, “The M1 is larger than M2, the maxillary premolars are longer than D. brancoi, and the maxillary molars are broader than D. laietanus. •10-9.5 MYA

Several distinct forms of Dryopithecus are known, including small, medium, and large, gorilla-sized animals.

All 4 species (D. brancoi, D. crusafonte, D. fontani, D. laietanus) display the following traits: robust incisors, compressed canines, elongated premolars and molars that were thinly enameled and robust jaws in males. Dryopithecus is a genus mainly defined by isolated dental remains. According to Moya – Sola and Kohler, “The clavicle is long and vertically angled. Dryopithecus::overview 2 minute read Today, the only non-human primate native to Europe is the Barbary macaque, which has extended its North African range to a small area including Gibraltar, on the southern coast of Iberia.

Dryopithecus had a semierect posture and is generally believed to be ancestral to modern apes and man.

• 10 MYA The maxilla contains large alveolar processes and sinuses. The geographic ranges of living apes do not extend north of the tropics. Thus, it may be surprising that once Europe was the home to a considerable diversity of apes. As seen in D. fontani, female mandibles are gracile when compared to the males. Dryopithecus' Unusual Location The oddest fact about Dryopithecus—and one that's generated a great deal of confusion—is that this ancient primate was found mostly in western Europe rather than in Africa. Dryopithecus fontani D. brancoi is similar in dental size to chimpanzees and is well known through cranial remains. The female mandibles are gracile when compared to the males and are among the smallest of the genus, suggesting extreme sexual dimorphism. • Northeast Spain Dryopithecus was a genus of apes that is known from from Eastern Africa into Eurasia. Phalanges are curved and the hands are large. • Left M3 • Begun, 1992 The nasal aperture is broad as is the interorbital space and orbits. • Schlosser, 1901 • IPS 1798/1799, Left maxilla with P3 – M2 and associated left canine fragment •10.5 MYA

The overall tooth size is more robust than D. fontani.”, Dryopithecus brancoi Fossils about 20 million years old have been found in Africa, Asia, and Europe. • Villalta and Crusafont, 1944 The legs are short with a long femoral head with short neck and high angle are common in apes with high range of hip mobility. It lived during the Upper Miocene period, from 12 to 9 million years ago, and probably includes the common ancestor of the lesser apes (gibbons and siamangs) and the great apes. According to Hartwig, “The frontal bone is relatively horizontal with thick temporal ridges and faint supraorbital ridges.


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