He is actually immortal and can even regenerate from just one single cell of his body. And while the grenades would weaken Venom, they're nowhere near enough to put him down.I really need to read the full post myself lol. R4) Ooooookay. Deadpool’s one weakness seems to be junk food. This symbiote is totally adaptable to any surrounding, it can be Spider-Man and even much more than him, it never runs out of web, it has the ability to shapeshift, it has cloaking and camouflage skills, it can even grow back limbs and it has the genetic ability to transfer its learning and powers from host to host. I'll go with Venom(until further evidence suggests otherwise). Here are 8 Powerful Characters He Could Defeat Easily (And 7 Who Would Take Him Down). Venom is a Symbiote, a sentient alien, with a gooey, slimy form which comes in Black. an team called widpack had sonic guns and flame throwers tried to defeat venom and coundnt even put him down they actually did eventually but that was because venom was off guard while fighting spiderman... Venom easily. Grenades ftw! He is much stronger, faster and agile than Deadpool. But, we’re open for discussion and we’re excited to see what is in store for our two favorite anti-heroes this year. According to Deadpool's memory, he was involved in the epic space battle with Marvel's greatest heroes. Marvel continues to release exciting new trailers for upcoming films like Deadpool 2 and Venom and we just can’t … But, anyone who particularly knows Venom, knows that weapons would not work against Venom. The only way to win is to kill the "prime clone". Symbiotes "connect together" in a Marvel Puzzle Quest storyline. When the Venom Symbiote bonds with a human, that new dual-life form is called “Venom”. I think her explosions are capable of one shotting Venom. Don’t Miss:  10 Actors Who Were Made Younger With Insane CGI Tricks, 10 Actors Who Were Made Younger With Insane CGI Tricks, Black Adam Will Bring in DC Universe’s Strongest Superhero Till Date, Thor: Love & Thunder Theory – Lady Sif is Thor’s New Love Interest, Zack Snyder Reveals His Choice For DCEU’s Catwoman; Reveals Her History With Batman, Fantastic Beasts 3 – Mads Mikkelsen in Talks to Replace Johnny Depp as Grindelwald, Zack Snyder Reveals Martian Manhunter And Talks About Justice League 2, 10 Celebrity Couples Who Reportedly Had Prenup Agreement, 10 Crazy Reasons Why Actors Rejected Legendary Roles In Hollywood, Celebrities Who Opened Up About Domestic Violence, WandaVision Will Still Directly Lead Into Doctor Strange 2, 6 Amazing New Stills From WandaVision Reveal A Few Key Story Details. I'm not sure though, I will have to see how this plays out. Unless he has a musical instrument or a flamethrower, Venom takes this. I'm going to go ahead and assume the symbiote wouldn't bother fusing with Deadpool, since it'd be a constant battle against rejection. 15 Can Defeat: Groot. © 2006-2020 Fanpop, Inc., hak cipta terpelihara. R3) 2018 Venom wrecks Deadpool's shit. If only Deadpool is crazy enough to have a sonic blaster with him can beat up Venom and ultimately kill Venom. Deadpool Vs. Venom. But if it is a death match, which it might turn out to be, Deadpool is freakin’ unkillable, so he will surely thrive on top. In the red corner, we have Deadpool, weighing in at –  well we don’t know because Wade Wilson isn’t exactly forthcoming about his weight – hailing from the mountains of Canada: the Anti-Villain Heavyweight of the Marvel world! Venom has telepathic abilities, it can shapeshift, and – well –  you’ve seen its teeth, so you know it’s a worthy adversary. The most even matchup here is Symbiote Spider-Man vs Deadpool, 2007 Venom vs Negasonic, and 2018 Venom … Game over for Deadpool. Do the symbiotes have any way to kill dead pool? daftar masuk atau sertai Fanpop untuk menambah komen anda. © 2006-2020 Fanpop, Inc., all rights reserved. Deadpool has his 2 swords and 2 pistols. Most Marvel Comics fans know that before the Venom symbiote found a host in Eddie Brock, it was worn for a time by Spider-Man, who discovered the black suit during Secret Wars.But believe it or not, Spider-Man wasn’t the first to wear the symbiote, either - that honor actually belongs to Deadpool.. Secret Wars by Jim Shooter is one of Marvel's most iconic storylines.


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