After her adoptive mother died, he treated her like shit for years. A lot of times ppl who have a certain life, they become so envious of someone else they can’t even allow themselves to see the bigger picture. However, the ripper can also rip the victim's heart without enchanting it, which kills the victim upon heart removal. But Zelena won’t let that happen. As Emma brings Lily back to Storybrooke, she is able to reunite her with Maleficent, while at the same time, Regina and Robin Hood must find a way to deal with Zelena, even if they can find a way to be together. The closest she comes to physical abuse is restraining Regina with vines. While Emma is conversing with a captive Mr. Gold, Merida attempts to shoot her with an arrow, but Emma squeezes the heart to force her to stop. Prince Leopold does come to her rescue though, and the two form a relationship, which gets in the way of Leopold's current engagement to Princess Eva. If that is the case, if she truly saw everything what made her think that she would be better off being raised by Cora, did she not know that Cora didnt have her heart? Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! Back in the Enchanted Forest, Regina is reunited with Cora upon her return from Wonderland, but questions her mother's intentions as to why she wants to "help" her. Really because of the cast, who are so extraordinarily great and lovely — so it’s been a great experience. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. Mr. Gold takes Gideon to the dream world, where the Black Fairy cannot interfere, but even then, Gideon admits he doesn't know where his heart is hidden. If it isn’t Rumple then they should be their own character they are popular enough for it. Meanwhile, Pan strikes a new deal with Mr. Gold by promising him the Underworld's version of Pandora's Box, in exchange for his own revival through a living heart. After Mr. Gold goes to kill the Black Fairy, he returns with a blackened heart as proof that it is hers, although he did not actually kill her. I haven’t really spent a lot of time speculating what will happen or where the characters will go — I think Adam and Eddy would prefer to tease that their way anyway. The ripper has to reach inside the victim's chest by using magic to grab the heart. Facilier †Emma SwanEvil Queen/Regina MillsHookMulanPeter Pan †Robin Hood †Rumplestiltskin/Mr. After two outsiders, Kurt and Owen, wander in, she befriends them and warms up to the idea of them staying permanently. What could happen. As a second part of the candle spell, Cora's death results in Mr. Gold's wound healing. Read Next: HBO Asia Falls For Taiwan Romance Series ‘Adventure of the Ring’, ‘Ash vs. Zelena was forced by her adoptive father to hide a part of who she was; her magic. Snow White convinces her that she must find a way to be happy for Henry's sake. I can hardly wait to see her take Belle’s brain lol She told Regina in her cell that she saw everything. And by saying that you come awfully close to saying Zelena should be grateful that her adoptive parents raised her instead of Cora. Robin tells Regina that Roland won't understand where his mother had gone, and Robin feels heartbroken to have lost his beloved Marian, because Zelena killed her back in the Enchanted Forest. While Henry is resting comfortably in a room below deck, Regina uses magic to give him immunity from ever having his heart taken out. You can't just consider things from one character's point of view and expect that to help you understand another. In this episode, Emma Swan reunites Lily with Maleficent, Isaac must find a new ally as Gold's heart grows darker, and Regina and Robin Hood must deal with Zelena's pregnancy. ("The Bear and the Bow"), After Hook's sacrifice to save his friends, Emma aims to rescue him from the Underworld, after discovering Mr. Gold used Killian's death to regain his Dark One powers. After Mr. Gold reverts Merida to human form, Emma returns Merida's heart and reveals the fate of Merida's brothers, in exchange for Mr. Gold's help with pulling out Excalibur. At the bar in New York City, Regina discusses with Robin, who had moved on with Zelena because she's pregnant with his child, and because he didn't realize until recently that "Marian" was Zelena in disguise. ("Awake"), Once Gideon's magic is disabled by Mr. Gold, Belle attempts to ask him about where the Black Fairy hid his heart. Magic always comes with a price, so I pay with visa. ("Dreamcatcher"), Having done her best to push Mr. Gold to his limit, Merida leads Emma back to the campsite, where she left Mr. Gold. Cora wouldn't have forced her to hide these magical abilities. To compel Mary Margaret in handing over the dagger, Regina takes out Johanna's heart and begins to squeeze it and the life out of the owner. After completing the task of extracting Lily's blood, Regina and Isaac visit Zelena's cell at the Storybrooke Hospital and states that she plans to write an ending for Zelena, and vows to have her written out of the story. Controlling an individualKilling an individual He heals her as she apologizes for shooting his son, Neal, and causing his death. Type: However, as Fiona begins squeezing the heart, her magic becomes dark and she is revealed as the great evil who her son is meant to kill. The Evil Queen and Cora are the only known people to ever perform this. When did you find out about Robin’s fate? We already see Charming struggling with his fear of being a father, so perhaps Belle will think she’s not smart enough to figure out how to save Rumple, and Neal will doubt that he was ever meant to be with his family. Regina, not wanting Jekyll to be harmed, pours the serum on the Dark One's dagger, which Mr. Gold wants to use to kill Hyde with. Keeper of the Cheshire Cat’s smile, Baelfire’s sword, Snow’s backpack, Robin Hood’s bow, Ariel’s purse, Ariel’s smile, Henry’s heart, Belle’s shoe collection. Latest appearance: Meanwhile, Gideon stabs Emma, causing a surge of her magic to make Gideon vanish. Plus as powerful as Zelena was I dont think she was as resilient as Regina. While in ambrosia temple, Emma offers her heart up for judgement by placing it on one side of a weight scale. Furious over her words, Rumplestiltskin callously rips out her heart and crushes it, killing her instantly, as a heartbroken Killian holds Milah in her last moments. ‘Jeopardy!’: Who Could Possibly Replace Alex Trebek? What I really want to understand is why did Zelena want Reginas life so bad. Back at the Lost Boy camp, she attempts to exert force against Felix while demanding to know Pan's whereabouts. I’m going to take a little bit of time out to be a dad and have a bit of time off, and then I will be getting straight back to it. But we remain friends so we will continue to see each other and hang out, it’s just the end for Robin and Regina, it would appear. Regina and her sister Zelena have now both lost the men they loved, and while it seems that Zelena has turned over a new leaf thanks to her sister’s faith in her, it remains to be seen whether Regina will be able to hold on to her heroic heart now that she’s been robbed of a future with both Daniel and Robin.

After pulling out her own heart, Regina uses it to stop the Queen, and then threatens her by squeezing it, which causes pain to both herself and the Queen. After getting what he wants, Mr. Gold tosses the heart back to Regina on his way out. She prepares to crush it, but Hook and her family arrive to persuade her into returning the heart to Merida. Finally Cut Ties With Johnny Depp, Reese Witherspoon Sells Bucolic Malibu Getaway, RS Charts: Ariana Grande Coasts to Number One With ‘Positions’, Prince Charles and Mr Porter Join Forces for an Eco-Friendly Menswear Line, NFL’s Sunday Afternoon Ratings Thrive While Primetime Hears Crickets, Spice It Up From Thousands of Miles Away With the Best Sex Gifts for Long-Distance Relationships.

("Kansas"), In order for her to save Robin Hood from Zelena without having Mr. Gold interfere, Regina approaches Belle, taking her heart without her permission, and sending her to the well to summon Mr. Gold. In exchange for both her and Killian's freedom, she promises him a magic bean, something he has long sought after.

While trapped, Mary Margaret discovers a solution in the parchment, which was written using squid ink. Find out what she's after below: Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC. See "Ability To Take Hearts" Beside I had to put my money on anyone being these character it would be Rumple, because he actually believes himself believe he a coward, he deserve not to be loved, and now we are seeing him loose his mind. While struggling with the loss of Henry, Regina pulls out her own heart and tries to bury it in the woods. Which scene or moment were you most proud of?


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