Follow these tips: Wintergreen oil is an essential oil that’s traditionally derived from the leaves of the wintergreen plant. & detox juicing guide. The research into wintergreen oil or methyl salicylate as a topical pain reliever has shown mixed results, although wintergreen oil has been suggested as a potential alternative treatment for easing lower back pain.Hebert PR, et al. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, mainly due to its compound curcumin, is responsible for weight loss. Its aroma has a stimulant effect. The essential oil of wintergreen is highly poisonous due to the presence of methyl salicylate. Make sure you can tolerate wintergreen oil well before using it internally or on larger parts of your body. Possible skin sensitivity. The relaxing and stimulating effect of this oil reduces spasms in the respiratory, muscular, digestive, and nervous systems while providing relief from congestion in the chest, breathing trouble, asthma, spasmodic coughs, muscular cramps, digestive disorders, spasmodic diarrhea, convulsions, and various nervous afflictions. Spring, Fall, and Winter all are represented by yummy and creative meals. Get rid of that self-conscious feeling by incorporating Wintergreen essential oil into your daily routine. Secondly, essential oils may be increasing blood circulation to the joints. Products Wintergreen Essential Oil. You can try applying a couple drops on your temples, chest or clothes, too. Bolek’s Craft Supplys Recalls Wintergreen Essential Oil Due to Failure to Meet Child Resistant Packaging Requirement; Risk of Poisoning Important: CPSC Recall Remedy Notice Due to COVID-19 It was known to ancient herbalists that wintergreen has pain relieving effects and that is why they used to apply liniments made from the leaves and twigs for alleviating joint pains. Wintergreen leaves themselves are actually odorless and tasteless, but after a compound called gaultherin present in the leaves is enzymatically hydrolyzed to methyl salicylate, the signature “minty” aroma develops. It is used prominently to alleviate joint and muscular pains and sports injuries. The soothing sensations of Wintergreen oil also make it an ideal component for massages. Try using wintergreen essential oil in these simple and effective homemade recipes: This homemade muscle rub really works to penetrate deep into the muscles, bringing a soothing and relaxing sensation. It has a poor shelf life, so there is wisdom in buying smaller volumes each time. Large amounts can be toxic and since it smells so yummy, be careful to keep out of the reach of children. Antimicrobial activity of commercially available essential oils against Streptococcus Treatment of post-electroconvulsive therapy headache with topical methyl salicylate. Parts of the plant are eaten by pheasants, red foxes, brown bears and white-tailed deer. The main constituent found in Wintergreen oils is methyl salicylate at nearly 100%. This compound was methyl salicylate. Although it has a pungent aroma, it is not unpleasant. To learn more about esters, methyl salicylate, or other chemical components found in essential oils, visit the doTERRA Science Blog. There’s limited research on the potential health benefits of wintergreen oil and its active ingredient, methyl salicylate. Also be careful to keep it away from your eyes, the mucus membranes inside of your nose, pets and babies. Massage into neck and shoulders for occasional head and neck tension. A 2017 study found that 0.5 percent wintergreen oil had a similar or higher antibacterial activity than a control antibiotic against persistent forms of Borrelia burgdorferi, the causative agent of Lyme disease.Feng J, et al. You can also make homemade mint tea by adding one to two drops to warm water, which improves digestion and helps relieve bloating after a big meal. Even in minute amounts, it can cause allergic reaction. When a plant is grown in optimal soil, temperature, and climate, and then harvested at the right time, it enhances the potency of the plant’s essential oil. Myrcene reduces the risk of peptic ulcers. 20 drops from a regular essential oil dropper make up 1 ml. Even this amount is significant, because a regular tablet of aspirin contains 322.5 mg of salicylate. This oil can usually be found in every household because it has many common applications.


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